Healing Hands Healing Hearts
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Healing Hands Healing Hearts
October 26, 2022
Mara's talented and healing hands help her make a difference in the lives of others. Her goal is to compassionately serve others while extending the same love to herself.
Healing Hands, Healing Hearts

You’d be surprised how many people have never had a massage. I was one of them until 2016. I thought they were only for rich people and way out of my price range. I’d just started my coaching practice and a client, as a gift, booked a session for me at a popular massage chain. I WAS HOOKED. I purchased a membership and it was on and poppin. 

I looked forward to every visit. Deep Tissue is my favorite type of massage. It uses slow and deliberate pressure to get down into the muscle and tissue. It’s not uncommon to be sore or notice bruising after the session. If you’re not sure what type of pressure you’d like, be sure to let your massage therapist know.

Benefits of Massage

A massage therapist will usually ask you the purpose of your visit. Many people make appointments to assist with:

I am sure that there are plenty of other benefits to go along with the ones listed. Find a local massage therapist and have a conversation to see what’s best for you. Now, if you happen to be in the Southwest Florida area, you can connect with Mara Ingram-Zamora. She started using her hands to heal when she was just a little girl. Mara’s dream was to become a lawyer, but life had other plans. 

Mara lives and cares for her clients in the small town of Arcadia, FL. She is dedicated to the betterment of the people who work hard and getting a massage is a luxury for them. She makes sure they feel valued and heard during their appointments. 

Mara also makes it a priority to get to know the other massage therapists in town and help them in any way she can, In business, kind collaboration can be hard to find. 

Click HERE to connect with Mara. Reach out to say hi or book a session if you are in this neck of the woods.