The Master Sales Funnels Podcast
Episode 012: My Software Toolbox (Lifetime Access)
November 6, 2020
In this episode I will walk you through my vast toolbox of lifetime software that I have purchased over the last few years. I am dedicated to building up my toolbox of lifetime software because it allows me freedom of costs in the future. You should be thinking in the same way.

In this Episode:


It's a long list, and it will contain affiliate links (which are clearly marked). Some software you can get started with for free, so keep an eye out for those!

AppSumo - Get $10 off your first AppSumo purchase (and I get $10 too!) This is where I get the bulk of my lifetime deals. Most of what I mention here doesn't have a lifetime deal anymore, but it's still amazing software. New deals added a few times per week!

Divi [affiliate link]- This is the best WordPress theme I've used, and they have a lifetime deal for $250 that comes with use on unlimited sites. Very good deal for any web design company or someone who wants a few blogs.

Funnelytics [affiliate link]- My favorite funnel program. This link gets you access to a free mapping account, or you can upgrade to the current lifetime deal by following these instructions.

Geru - Amazing program for funnel forecasting. Gives you great stats and reports on what you need to make a funnel work.

SendFox - My email marketing program from the makers of AppSumo.

Missinglettr & Postbox [affiliate link]- My best traffic-driving program by far. Schedule social media posts out for the next year to keep driving people back to your articles, and allow others to share with Postbox.

Timelinr - A solid project management program.

Stencil - Great for designing graphics for social and blogs. A ton of templates. A rival to Canva.

Crello [affiliate link]- Another rival to Canva. Has ability to make gifs, which Stencil currently doesn't have the capability to do.

Tubics - If you are looking to drive traffic on YouTube, this program is a must to help you optimize your video titles, tags, and descriptions.

Interactr - Video sales letters on steroids. Really connect with your audience on a personal level. It's like choose your own adventure, but with video!

HappyScribe [affiliate link]- My number 1 content creation program. It allows me to turn any audio into text, which allows me to multiply the content I produce by giving me written content for videos and podcast episodes.

Attention Insight - A great way to AI test landing pages to see where attention will likely focus so you know how to better design landing page.

ZoPush - Get people to subscribe to browser notifications to your site so you can send them notifications and push notifications to their phone anytime your have new content and offers to share.

GrooveFunnels [affiliate link]- A full funnel-builder suite. Use this link to start for free and get basic access to a large suite of funnel building tools.

Agiled [affiliate link]- A great program to manage your full business. Create and send invoices and contracts. Keep track of clients and projects.

InVideo [affiliate link]- An easy program to help create social-style videos.

Alli AI - A program that helps you analyze and automate your website SEO.

TXTVideo - You've seen the text conversation videos on social. Makes yours easily using this program.

BerryCast - An awesome screen capture program that helps you send quick messages and tutorials to people, get responses, and even create video lessons.

BlasterSuite - Great for creating YouTube thumbnails that will help entice clicks. - Another funnel planning program that allows for more planning for blogs and social posts. Truly for full marketing plans.

ShortPixel - A great tool for optimizing images on your website to help load speeds.

Quirobot - A chatbot tool where you can create automated bots for your site visitors to interact with.

HeroPost - This is a full-blown social media scheduling platform. Great for yourself, or especially if you can pick up a lifetime deal, great to build your social media marketing business as you can add different groups of profiles for different companies.

Doodly [affiliate link]- A program to easily create interest-catching doodle videos.

Influence - A little popup that creates FOMO for your products by showing new visitors other people who have just purchased what you are selling. - A great popup tool for your website that allows a lot of versatility in your types of popups and targeting.

HopIn - A program that allows you to host small or large summits.

Welzen - A meditation app that allows you to zen out in the middle of all the entrepreneur mayhem.

Ubersuggest - My #1 SEO tool. Allows you to track keywords, analyze your website for SEO issues, and complete keyword research.

Frase [affiliate link]- My #2 SEO tool that allows easy research for what you need to do to make an article competitive enough to rank.

bCast [affiliate link]- The program that I use to host and distribute my podcast episodes.

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