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How Publishing 1 Book Every Month led to Success - Ellie Hall {ep. 127}
May 15, 2024
Ellie Hall shares her journey to becoming a USA Today bestselling author in the sweet romance genre through self-publishing. She shares the journey she's taken, mistakes she's made, and her successes along the way.
Ellie set her sights on writing and publishing as many books as she could, and for years, operated on an aggressive timeline of publishing one book every month! With insights into her rapid publication model, disciplined writing routine, and challenges of maintaining a sustainable income, Ellie offers valuable lessons for aspiring indie authors seeking to achieve bestseller status. Her candid discussion about the fluctuating nature of book sales, the significance of building an email list, and the use of newsletters to connect with readers provides practical strategies for navigating the complexities of self-publishing. Ellie's commitment to meeting reader expectations while staying true to her creative passions underscores the importance of aligning personal interests with market demands. 

In this episode, Ellie and Alexa discuss:

Ellie Hall is a USA Today bestselling author known for her expertise in romance novels. With a strong focus on collaborative efforts, Ellie achieved bestseller status as a self-published author, emphasizing the significance of a rapid release model and the advantages of connecting with a community of authors. Her commitment to a monthly release schedule since 2018 underscores her dedication to engaging with her audience.

Ellie's journey as an indie author exemplifies the importance of balancing creative output with the demands of administrative work and audience engagement, providing valuable insights for aspiring authors seeking to achieve bestseller status.
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