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Guaranteed! Fix 70% of Your "Basic Bitch" Relationship Problems With This ONE Simple Trick!
April 29, 2022
We end up in relationships of habit, or of assumptions, rather than intentionally creating relations that fill us and give us room to grow.
Yes, that is mean to be link-bait-y. 

It amuses me to mock some of these things sometimes. 


I am also being pretty serious. 

Let me back up a bit. 

A few days ago a friend of mine who I deeply respect and I were having a bit of a kvetch-fest, and she said to me:

> Partner selection fixes 70% of basic bitch relationship problems.

I agreed, and said, "I keep telling people this. I'd go as high as 90%. I feel very strongly about that." 

Earlier this week, I talked about how asking "Could I have a healthy relationship with [insert-type-of-person-here] is the wrong question, and that having good boundaries and maintaining them is key. 

It is.

And this is really just another facet of that. 

Find the full transcript for this episode here.