How To Start A Podcast
How Much Does It Cost To Start A Podcast
May 26, 2021
This episode shares how much it costs to start a podcast...
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How much does it cost to start a podcast, really, as much of a, you want it to cost is the real answer. But I think let's break this down into like a very streamlined approach and then a, like a more lavish approach. Then we're going down the streamline approach, really the minimum to actually make some impact.

You actually have to spend money on two things. The first thing is a microphone. If you don't have a good mic, It's going to sound rubbish. You're never going to get any business. So they've definitely something worth investing in. We recommend the blue Yeti. There'll be a link below about a hundred dollars.

The second thing you need is good software to host and distribute your audio. Again, there are free options, but they don't have the power. They don't have the feature that you need to actually get listeners. And so be cast, we start at 50, no, actually $12 a month. So I think. Everything else can come for free.

You can use zoom for free to record audio. You can use audacity for free to record audio locally on your computer. You can use Calendly for free for booking and guests. LinkedIn is obviously free for finding guests. Uh, you can do the design work yourself. So the two minimum things you need to get started in the, in the very like streamlined version.

Obviously you're going to be using a laptop, which I assume you have or computer that I assume you have. Is a hundred dollars one off and then about $12 per month, two for the hosting. So the whole thing basically, or you upload all your audio, all the information about the episodes and they will distribute to all the directories YouTube.

You can do loads of extra cool stuff on that to help get the content out there. So a get good content with the mic, be get the content out there with a good podcast hosting solution, such as cost. Of course. So that's a streamlined version, hundreds hundred straight up in the $12 per month. The more lavish version.

You could spend a couple of a hundred dollars on a better mic. You could invest in getting premium version of zoom. You could get premium version of Callan Lee. You could buy a new laptop. You could buy Southwest. That's just the script that will help you edit. Um, so all this stuff, it could go up to thousands of dollars to get started.

If you wanted to, you could rent out a podcast studio. These are all things you could do that will add marginal increases to your. To the quality of your show. So what we actually recommend is starting with a streamlined version. Once you see listeners wants you to maybe make some revenue from affiliate, once you maybe make some revenue from sponsors, then you can start investing more.

Maybe getting a producer, getting an editor, renting out a studio, getting a better mic, buying better software, but there's no point doing that. If you don't know if your content is going to resonate with your audience. So start off with a streamlined solution and then move forward to it and start investing more.

As you see the audience grow. And as you see the revenue from your podcast also grow. So to summarize, pick up a blue Yeti, sign up for a free trial at be cost $12 a month. After that, if you pay annually $15 a month, if you pay a monthly and you can get started with your pocket cost today at very low cost.