The Superhuman Playbook Podcast
Episode 18: Productivity is Social w/ Dahyu Patel
June 9, 2021
My superhuman guest today is Dahyu Patel. Dahyu is coming to us from Washington DC; he is a Competitive Intelligence Profession, a Sales Velocity SME, a serial entrepreneur, an Unbeatable Mind coach, a Time Coach, and an author of the Superhuman Playbook. He has worked extensively with Special Forces teams, Intelligence Agencies, countless businesses, and entrepreneurs to maximize results through time-bending. Now for those listening wondering what any of that means, today is your lucky day because we are going to get to the bottom of it. In this episode, Dahyu shares the revelation he had while walking to and from an aquarium, the counterintuitive strategy he has developed to stop wasting time and get stuff done, and how you can change your relationship to time through a process he calls time-bending. All that and more in today's episode, with Dahyu Patel.
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