There are only three types of content you need for a solid content strategy for your startup
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There are only three types of content you need for a solid content strategy for your startup
July 25, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the three different contents you can use for your content strategy.
All right, So today we are going to learn about the three types of content. And really you just have to think about these threes has a content for you to come up with your content strategy. Now, before I go into what these three types of content are, I do have to say that some of these ideas are not my own. I found it in a blog post. And to be honest with you, this is something that I read maybe like a long, long time ago. And I just cannot for the life for me remember who was the original source of this idea. But I did take that idea and I started modifying it a little bit to fit some of this other stuff that I was learning. 

So taking these modified ideas, I am going to talk about the three types of content and how this can help you with your content strategy. So the three types of content, the way to remember this is your SPT. So you're SPT with the stands for is search content, periodic content and trending content. And we're going to go over what each of these are your search content. 

This is the type of content that you want to create. That answers a question from a search query. So what this means is if someone is going to go on google and they're asking a question, you know, maybe what is the best color for Lamborghini? And if this is a question that people are asking, then you want to have the piece of content then answers this question, right? So you can have a blog article or Youtube video on an analysis of all the different types of colors of Lamborghinis and kind of just you know, figure out what the best color is for Lamborghini based on whatever metric or whatever rubric you come up with, Right? But if this is something that someone searching for then your content, Your search content is the answer for these questions. So that's your search content, right? 

So the way to make sure that you are generating pretty good content for this is you can go to websites like answer the public to see what people are searching. You can go search for questions on Quora or see what people are asking on Facebook groups and other forums etcetera. And then you take the answers that you would generate for these questions and you create content out of this and you're making search content. And what you would want to do is you have the title of this content? The search query. So someone searching for this, um how do I find turtles in Alaska? If that's a legit question that people are asking, then your content is going to be the first thing that comes up and you want to have the exact same question in your title. Right. So, your blog article would be, how do I find turtles in Alaska? Or what's the best color for a Lamborghini? 

All right, so that's search content now, going further into the SPT framework. P is for periodic concept, your periodic content. The purpose for this content is to keep people hanging on to your story. So here's what I mean. So, your search content is designed to bring new people into your community, right? So, people are searching for these things. They don't know who you are, but you're providing these answers and like, okay, this guy's pretty legit, he knows some shit, he might be an expert in this field, but for them to stay with you, that's when you need this. Periodic content is periodic content is content that you released periodically. So they know that there's something new that's coming, it just doesn't stop with how to find turtles in Alaska or what color is the best color for Lamborghini? It doesn't just stop there, right? 

They will see that you have other types of content. And if you haven't mentioned such as, you know, if you like this article about how to Find turtles in Alaska, then you're going to love this next thing and we produce, we publishing new, you know, whatever this is weekly or monthly or something. So you keep people looking forward to something that's coming in the future. And you do this with periodic content, periodic content can be searched content, right? You can combine those two because if you're like periodically just creating a search content, then you're hitting both of those buckets. But some of the much better periodic content that you can actually create will be content that people aren't searching for. 

So this might be stories that are a little bit deeper into your life and how you think or things that just people aren't searching for. But it's interesting content and it's relevant to what some one has already searched. But this is content that's going to nurture people that are coming into the community and it gives them a reason to stay. Then finally, we have trending content and trending content is pretty self explanatory. So this is not content that people are searching for. This is not content that is periodic content, but this is content that is kind of like the current pulse, the current stuff that's happening. 

So, for example, at the time of this recording, the current trending topic is Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos going to space and everyone's talking about it and if I want to be a part of that conversation, then I want to create content that revolves around this conversation. So we're creating content that goes along with the trends, right? So we can stay relevant. So this is why on May the fourth, you'll see a bunch of people on instagram, post their Star Wars memes and they'll stay May the fourth be with you. And this is something that you can actually plan and schedule early on in the year and you don't have to be scrambling whenever these um whenever these um talk has come up.

So when these topics come up, there's actually two different types of trending topics. You have your tent, full tent pole, I'm sorry, tent pole topics and you have your pulse topics. So your tent pole topics are these tent poles that are already there, you know what's gonna happen, you know, that christmas is going to come, you know that uh singledom I was gonna come, you know, that these different holidays that are placed out, you know, throughout the calendar year, that they're going to come. So you can plan for this content a little bit earlier, and this is your tent pole trending content. 

Then the other type of content is your post content. So, just like I mentioned with the Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson going up to space, This is your post content. Covid, for example, is a post content. It's just something that's happening in the now, and it's just being part of the conversation. 

So there you have it, there's three different types of content that you can make. You have your search content. This is what people are searching for. You have your periodic content. This content that keeps people glued to your community. And then finally, you have trending content which keeps you top of mind because you are in the conversation of what is happening now. I hope this helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out. 

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