What I’d do with my podcast if I lost my voice
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What I’d do with my podcast if I lost my voice
July 3, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the future of artificial intelligence.
All right. So I am broadcasting from Houston texas this time. So you might hear some fireworks in the background and you might hear some traffic in the background. But I think we can still do this and we will. So I'm sitting here at a buddy's house. I am in the backyard and I'm just hanging out just thinking about different things. I actually came to Houston really quickly because there was a bunch of podcast equipment that I wanted to pick up. So my podcast has been taking off and I plan to start another podcast called No VC Allowed where we will interview Startup founders who are bootstrapping or they're finding creative ways to finance their business and they're doing it in ways where they're keeping 100% of their equity or they're getting into relationships with investors where they at least maintain 100% control of their vision. 

So I think this will be a really interesting podcast and I bought some new podcast equipment just to be able to do this guest, new guest type of podcast. And as I'm sitting here out here thinking about how well my podcast is doing, we actually hit top 200 in Canada, top 200 in the U.K. as well. Not top 200 in the U. S. Um I didn't get enough reviews in the US, but if you can leave a review for from the U. S, I'll be awesome because then maybe we can start ranking and getting this podcast out to more people. 

But I was sitting out here and I was thinking that what would happen if one day I just lost my voice and I was thinking how scary that could be. But then I thought wow, I actually have so much content out in cyberspace that I think in the future we will have the technology to be able to essentially recreate my voice and my intonation and my personality and everything. So if I do lose my voice, I can probably still recreate it by writing down what I'm thinking and have some kind of text and speech element that's copying my voice. Exactly. I mean this is possible right now but it's possible in a way where I imagine that the voice is still very low-resolution, right? It's not going to be the exact match of the original but it's close enough at least for what's perceptible to humans. 

And just thinking about that, thinking about all the cool stuff that's going to happen in our future. Like if we can recreate our voice what else can we recreate? It was actually in this discussion on Facebook about AI. This discussion was about hiring people at lower wages from different countries that were the average wages much lower than what it might be in the U. S. And there was a little bit of an uproar because people I guess people don't realize that that other person in other countries they don't make the same rates that they would in the US. And the cost of living is sort of different. I mean it could be argued whether it's different or not because if you still want to live a really good life you're still gonna have to pay no matter what country you're in. 

But I kind of came in there and I was thinking you know this is this argument isn't even an argument because I have actually been able to reduce so much staff just using artificial intelligence. We use AI in so many different processes in our business that we are able to operate lean. And instead of thinking about hiring someone, I'm always thinking about what new tool can I pick up to be able to do what I want to do at a much cheaper cost. So this whole issue of low wage labor, et cetera. I mean what's gonna happen when there's no age labor because we have AI? Being able to do all these things and even me, um I won't need to give up much of my time to even record these podcasts. I could probably just think about what I want to say and some machine will be able to do it. For me, it will still be my voice, my vision because artificial intelligence uses what's already out there. 

So if you are an innovator, then I think this is where you're gonna fare off a little bit better because artificial intelligence hasn't figured it out yet. But this is yet right. I mean, in the future I would imagine that Ai has also figured out how to innovate. It's just all in due time. I thought I would share this thought, and maybe I'm using AI to do this podcast and it's actually a test, the SBI system or maybe it's my real voice. We may never know. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out. 

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