How to use Instructor Development Courses for Business Development
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
How to use Instructor Development Courses for Business Development
May 30, 2023
In this episode, Sheldon tells you how to use the Instructor Development Course (IDC) to grow your business. He also introduces the Hydrogen Sulfide IDC class online in July with Stan Smiley as the instructor. Visit for more details.
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[00:00:13] Sheldon Primus: Welcome to the Safety Consultant Podcast. It’s the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant, we talk about OSHA compliance issues, we talked about a bunch of stuff, safety and health related. Sometimes not. Mostly we do, I try to, you know, me, I give it the college try. 
[00:00:41] Background Music: Come on.  
Sheldon Primus: All right, I will come on. You come on, too. All right. So it is currently the day after Memorial Day in the US, 2023, so that makes it May 30th. I did not do an episode on Monday because of that, enjoying some time with the family, got to see some basketball. I'm like, like just amazed at what happened with the US NBA, uh Eastern conference. That's the kind of stuff I was doing. I should have been doing a podcast because I know some of you were looking for me on Monday. So my bad. So I'm glad we're, we're together now, right?  
All right. So this is what I'm thinking about today in my brain. OK? Um Not too sure if it's gonna translate well, but I just want to talk just very briefly really today, this episode about um instructional design and making yourself a little bit better. Uh And it's not just to make yourself better, which is always, you know, primary purposes so you can learn more. Uh However, we still have to worry about business and doing stuff for ourselves, for business. So that means that we actually need to think of areas of resource, too, so we could get the professional development. But then we're also looking for a way for us to, uh get some sort of um some activity that is going to go beyond the training, and for us that's really gonna be how are we gonna sell what we learned? And maybe that's saying it too plainly. Uh I don't know, but this is a show about being a consultant, you know, when you're doing consultancy, you're doing it just to make sure that you could eat and you wanna make sure that you have a place to stay and all that stuff. So that is the um yeah, that's, that's what you're looking for. So therefore, you're gonna wanna take activities that could lead to you providing services for other people. Uh So that is the, the key. So that's why I'm this week, I'm just talk a little bit about instructional, that's I'm not talking about instructional design. I've been reading a lot of stuff about instructional design. That is not what I'm talking about. Nope. Nope. I am talking about you, yourself. Uh making sure that you now could be the, take the instructor development course so that you now can provide services. Oh man, that was hard to get out this morning. See gang? That's what happens when you um when you come back from a holiday, if you would.  
All right. So let's give you guys some information before I get started and this information is coming straight from bCast, and that's the company that I use to um to provide this service for you guys. So this is the month of April, here's the top, um top 10 countries that listen to me. Okay top 17, let's do that. Top 17. Uh Number one is US. Number two, Canada. Finland, UK, Hungary, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, Italy, South America. Oh, excuse me, South Africa, France, Croatia, Kenya, Denmark, Bahrain and India. So thank you so much for the listens. Wow, that is awesome, awesome, awesome to know that the show is going out uh that far, and I hope I could help you, you know, just truly get the most out of it for you and your family. And then the benefit is, you know, as a safety and health consultant, you're leading companies to do things safely. So you are also helping those country or excuse me, those governments, those public entities, whoever you're working for, you're helping those workers to stay safe. So uh that's a good thing. And I do say working for, because not everybody is a safety consultant that listens, you know, some people are playing the role of being a safety consultant. That's why you're listening because you want to know this stuff. Right?  
[00:05:21] All right, I know the fanfare was going. So let's talk, let's end the fanfare and let's talk about what we're gonna talk about, instructional designing. All right. So, uh IDC, I think I just said the instructional designing, I think I did. I meant instruction, instructor development courses, IDCs. So whenever you get a chance to do an IDC, what that means is that you see that there's an area that you can excel in, if you now become an instructor for that topic, if you would, or maybe even a, um, a certification class like I do for certified occupational safety specialist. Uh, but what you're gonna do though is you go through the steps for you to become certified and as you're certified, what that means is that you're certified to teach this class. So now you take this information for how many days it takes you to do it, most of the IDCs are gonna be about 2 to 3 days. Uh, so make sure you plan for that. It's probably gonna be one that needs you to go to a certain place. Uh, there's some that are doing online and I'll tell you guys about one I'm doing with, uh, Stan Smiley, uh pretty soon. But the, the concept is this, you now take the time, the energy, the effort, if your, your own boss is being, um, where your government has recognized you as being a business, then this is a business expense. So take the business expense, learn a specialty and now you become an instructor for that specialty. So that's the, that's the plan, that's what the IDCs are there for. That's how you use them.  
So I know that a lot of uh instructional developing can also be uh you take a course and it's a 40-hour or something, like um like HAZWOPER, or something similar to that, which is hazardous waste operation uh emergency uh haz, hazardous waste emergency response. So, oh man, it took me a while to break that one down. It's been a, it's been a while since I had to say that one. So uh forgive me if I, I had one of those little moments. You know, one of those moments in the brain. So I am going to uh go ahead, I'm doing a class today too, so maybe that's why I'm kind of hurrying. So forgive me.  
So let's go ahead and talk about that. That thought about now, if you're an instructor developer, you get past it, you do whatever you need to do, most of those classes will have you do a presentation at the end so you can now be a, um be a person who could speak well and you have to do that in a nice controlled environment. And after that you passed, or you might have to take a test, and then you pass. So now you can be the trainer and that's what you're doing. So you get this, that's why you wanted to do this. So you get this, uh IDC, uh certification, usually it's a three year thing, and then after the three years, you have to recertify with the price, but you at least are going to be able to say that you have the, um you could do courses with the information that you now understand, or you could do specialty services too. But most of the IDCs or the end product, is you're going to end up being a trainer for this specific specialty or course or whatever it is. So do an instruction, instructor development course, and if you work for yourself, use it as a business write-off. Check with your tax professionals first, I'm not a tax professional. That's what I needed to say. I am not a professional, check with your professionals first.  
So, all right, I am going to go ahead and call that one a day for now because I know I didn't want to give you guys too much information. I want to give you guys enough that you're going to use this and get out there. Start learning, take the instruction, the instructor development courses out there, and then you're gonna be able to be a trainer and use that to make money. Train in hotels, train in uh client’s places, uh train at your facility, if you have a facility. So that's what you're gonna do with this information, right? So in telling you that, I'm hosting one with Stan Smiley, I'm actually, last time I was a student of a hydrogen sulfide instructor development course. So now I am, three-day course, like I told you guys, so now I could train people in hydrogen sulfide exposure, which is, you know, my field in water and waste water, right? And waste water specifically. So I'm taking this information from the IDC, I now could host classes that people would pay for. So it's worth it, and it's a way for you guys to, to grow your business. So you just go to if you have exposure to hydrogen sulfide and you wanna make sure that you now can train people, including your businesses, on hydrogen sulfide safety. So go to and sign up today for a three-day hydrogen sulfide instructor development course, and then you, now start training on this. All right, gang. Go get ‘em. 
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