345: Help Is Here - The Gift of the Present Moment
World of Empowerment
345: Help Is Here - The Gift of the Present Moment
January 30, 2021
The Gift of the Present Moment is a realization from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu. Help Is Here!

This is the fourth of our little treatises, conversations with Source about how to be in the world. And this time we were wondering what it all meant, what's been going on in the outer world. And what's been going on in the inner world. Aingeal Rose has down-stepped a beautiful little piece of information that we want to share with you now.

But before we do, I just wanted to outline quickly what came to me was that on the right side, there seemed to be power. There seems to be power coming from the right side. Now, it could be because Aingeal Rose is on my right and I feel the power coming from her, but I felt it was like an esoteric power. I felt it was like an energetic power coming to us, or coming to the Earth. I don't mean us personally, but coming to humanity. And from the left side, I felt light, that there was light coming from the left and they were meeting right in the center of us, collectively. They were meeting in the center of humanity, or in consciousness, this power and light. And where they were meeting was like the present moment.

And I didn't think anymore about that in the short term, until I heard what Aingeal Rose had to say. And you'll be hearing it in just a moment, and it'll all makes sense. It was about the present moment. And she talks about the present being in your presence. You'll hear her talking about being in your presence. And that was coming down to me as the present, the present moment.

Now, what is a present? A present is also a gift. And Aingeal Rose is talking about a gift, and it's why we called this little episode, The gift of joy. Have a listen.