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An Enterprise Architecture Team - The GBS and IT Bridge?
August 25, 2023
Technology integration necessitates GBS and IT collaboration; leaders from Amway and Beiersdorf share their experience with RPA governance, process-led technology transformation, and the pivotal role of an enterprise architecture team.
RPA Governance Framework
There was hype around RPA as a solution for automation. It cannot improve bad processes and will instead make them more complex. Strict RPA governance should help evaluate opportunities, process execution, and RoI. To avoid falling for the hype around new technologies, including Generative AI - there is a need to understand capabilities, create business cases, and implement them in a phased manner. 
Best of Breed vs ERP solutions
SaaS offerings come with extensive functionalities that are often underutilized. Unutilized capabilities that are already present in the system must be explored for possible business cases. Though, best-of-breed solutions do promise greater benefits than ERP platforms. This creates a discussion about whether to stick with what organizations already have or opt for the best-fit technology, considering the potential increase in complexity and inefficiency. This decision is majorly influenced by the need to deliver higher value to justify the increased costs associated with best-of-breed solutions.
Process-Led Tech Transformation
 Centralizing technology spending under the CIO's oversight can improve budgeting and investments. GBS and IT collaborate on business cases, research, and process design – driving merit-based budget allocation. There is a need to align technology with process requirements and ensure effective integration within the architecture.
Enterprise Architecture Team
There is a struggle between the technology-focused product organization and the process-focused GBS. A joint decision-making process between business and technology partners is necessary. Establish an architecture board to oversee and validate the solutions’ connection within the overall value chain. Therefore,  investment in the enterprise architecture team can ensure seamless integration and communication between technologies.

  1. “An architecture board where we really move one level up in the process, not looking on the actual requirements, but looking into the solution as well, how is it connected in the overall value chain within the company.” 
    -  Annette Hamann, CIO and Managing Director, BSS IT, Beiersdorf
  2. “The problem with those hypes (around RPA) is that it sometimes becomes a very expensive hobby.”
    -   Michael van der Ploeg, Chief Financial Officer, Head Global Business Services, Amway
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