Find your fit with identity suits
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Find your fit with identity suits
February 26, 2021
In this episode we discuss the best way to find yourself using identity suits.
You know, when young people say that they are trying to find themselves, it's because they don't know who they are. I know when I was young, I was trying to find myself like everyone has a core identity. But you don't know what your core identity is until you actually go out and you try different things and after you try different things you could figure out. OK, do I like this or do I not like this? And part of that journey is kind of listening or hearing about these different identities on these different paths that you can pursue. 

For example, becoming a lawyer might be an identity. Becoming an engineer might be some kind of identity. Becoming a rock star might be another type of identity. And what you end up doing is you. The more you try different things you're trying on different, like identity suits. So me, for example, I joined the Marine Corps right after high school thinking that I would become an officer and I would become a fighter jet pilot and all that stuff, and I wanted to have that identity of a fighter pilot, and I figured out that not figured out, but I thought that I figured that this would be a good pathway for me to step into that identity and the pathway that that identity leads to. It leads to other identities that I thought were pretty cool because if you join the military and become a fighter pilot, then that might open up doors to become an astronaut or maybe even a politician. Who knows? 

So you go around, you basically check out these different identity suits and you try them on for size and you try to see if you know they fit you and it feels good. So the first identity suit that I tried on was the Marine Corps suit. Join the Marine Corps quickly learned that that shit was not for me. Um, I don't do very good taking orders from other people. So that suit did not work out, and I was back to the drawing board and I decided to get into music. I tried the pop star, I guess Identity suit on, and that that identity that actually fits that rock star pop star identity suit. Um, if that if it a little too well, but I think what I realize is that that suit isn't something that I would be able to grow in. That suit was a fixed suit, and if I were to stay in that suit, I would outgrow it really quickly. And it wouldn't be like a sustainable identity or a sustainable identity suit for me. 

So all my journey path, I'm still searching for these different identities, and I've tried so many different things until I realized that the identity that was really special was my core identity. And it's his identity that I've always had. And I really connected with that core identity after I did the perfect average day exercise. And if you guys are interested about that exercise, go to perfect average day dot com and it will take you to either, of course, Page or my YouTube page depends on whatever is up. Yeah, but that exercise will connect you with your core identity. 

So you know what's really important to you, because what it does, it allows you to outline your life. In a way, we're just looking at your singular day and what you would want to do in that day and as soon as you outline that out, Everything just starts becoming like, What's the word I'm looking for? Everything just starts going downhill in terms of what do you want to go? Because you have a complete vision of how you wanna live your life and being able to find out exactly what your core identity suit is means you can start taking off all these other identity suits that you tried on naturally. Be proud of the identity that you actually have. It's not even a suit. It's like your core identities. You try on all these identity suits and you try to figure out which one is right for you and some of them. They fit some of them. You can't grow in. Some of them are too big, some over two small. 

But hopefully, somewhere within that journey, you decided to just go naked and be the real you and be real comfortable. And I think that's where I'm at right now. So I'm like, so open, publicly open with everything. How my thoughts, my feelings, my aspirations, etcetera because I just feel comfortable in my own skin. And this is like my identity and I love it and not only do I love it, but I'm also attracting other people that love it. And that has been definitely a game-changer for me. So I will see you guys in the next episode. 

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