Green Tea Conversations
Enhancing Your Health through Holistic Practice with Dori Tossen
April 28, 2019
Meet Dori Tossen, a Health Coach and Holistic Practitioner, and the owner of Mind Body Soul. Dori introduces us to Bio Resonance, a powerful non-invasive therapy technology that evaluates the energy wavelengths coming from your body, identifies possible imbalances, and provides gentle therapy. To learn more and to make an appointment, go to or call 763-639-9133.

Enhancing Your Health through Holistic Practice with Dori Tossen 

[00:00:01.910] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Good morning, and welcome to Green Tea Conversations, the radio show that delves into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine to bring the local experts who share their progressive ideas and the latest information and insights needed so you can lead your best life. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle publisher, the Twin Cities edition of Natural Awakenings magazine. And I'm honored to bring these professionals to you. In our studio today, we have health coach and holistic practitioner Dori Tossen, the owner of Mind Body Soul. Welcome to Green Tea Conversations story.
[00:00:34.530] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Thank you for having me Candi.
[00:00:36.680] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So, like many other holistic health practitioners that I met, trying to say practitioners and professionals at the same time, you've had your own personal health journey that has really led you into the work that you do today. Can you share with us a bit about how your journey began?
[00:00:55.840] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Well, my journey began about 14 years ago, when I was 22 years old. I was engaged. I just bought a new house with my fiance, and I was ready to get married and start a family. And I just wasn't feeling right now. Ultimately, this all started long before that. But I wasn't feeling right. And one of the major things that me and my husband wanted to do when I got married, like a lot of people as he wanted to have children. So I wasn't feeling very good.
So I went to the doctor and I talked to them about how I was feeling. They kind of in some ways, to pod how I was feeling. But I kind of pushed for some more blood work to be done because I wasn't feeling good. And about a week later, 06:00, on a Friday night, I got a phone call from the doctor basically saying, you can't have kids. So here I am, a Cisco, and I was like, I was begging for anything like, can we do commit, can we do anything?
And she just basically told me, no, there's nothing they can do. So these would say I never saw the practitioner a doctor again. I was devastated, told my fiance I wasn't going to marry him because I didn't want to take away his opportunity to have children. And I called my boss at the time who happened to be a holistic dentist. And I was like, I have to take time off work. I have to figure this out. I need to I want to have kids. And he was very nice.
And he just said he would send out an email to the other practitioners that were in the holistic field and let them know what had happened and see if anybody could help me. And so I think five of 100 practitioners responded to his email and said that they could help. And so I started seeing a natural path and a homeopath. And that was kind of my first jump into the holistic world was basically, this is I want to have kids now, ultimately, in the end, I'm healthier than I was then.
I have two beautiful children, though I did not give birth to them. I did adopt them, but it was, I guess it was point down this road very quick and very deeply because the doctors basically said nothing we can do about it.
[00:03:17.940] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So how has your life changed since you really gotten into the holistic health?
[00:03:25.900] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Well, I'm healthier, and I've ever been in my entire life. I did not realize as I was growing up that I was chronically ill, the eczema, the severe cramps, all of those signs that there was some imbalances in my body. I didn't understand now through changing things with working with a natural path and homeopath and changing my diet and different things. I am the healthiest I've probably ever been in my life because because of the different changes that I made and through that, I became quite literally obsessed with learning about natural health.
So if you want to see what I'm doing on my Friday night, I'm probably reading a book about natural healing and not watching TV. So that's just been my obsession.
[00:04:17.030] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It's such a tough road for you to have to have taken. But yet what a blessing that you were able to take it at such a young age. I mean, many of us don't get introduced into holistic fields or natural health until we're in our 30s or 40s or facing other health issues. And you said something that I think is really important. And that is you said you had been sick for most of your life and not even really realize it. And I think that happens a lot, too, where we get so used to feeling bad, that's just our normal that if we don't even really understand how much better we can feel.
[00:04:54.650] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Absolutely. I never thought that I would ever live a life about eczema, where remember, I can still remember it three years old, mom putting ice packs on my swollen wrist because it was so bad being in the middle of the night, laying there in pain, just waiting until I can fall back asleep. So those moments that now that I have, I have my younger child has eczema or started presenting with eczema, which made me, you know, work on his diet, and we've been able to him going through that and me having gone through it already.
I knew that I wanted to make a change and I didn't want him to have to experience what I had.
[00:05:34.980] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And you knew that you could help him.
[00:05:37.140] - Dori Tossen, Guest
And I knew I could. Yeah.
[00:05:38.840] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And that's a big thing because I think, especially with eczema. I'm sure we'll get into that more as the show goes on. But you really kind of threw yourself into the holistic health field. And one of the things that you did in order to really serve your clients. One of the things that you did is you completed a health coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. So tell us a little bit about the program in the areas of study that really interested you.
[00:06:03.840] - Dori Tossen, Guest
So the Institute of Integrative Nutrition came about into my life, actually, because I have an acupuncturist I was seeing and he was like, I see you being more of a health coach. And so I spent about two years in my mind saying, no, no, I'm not. That's not what I'm here for. And I finally came to the conclusion that he was right. That's where I needed to be. So I studied. I would look at different health coaching programs periodically over that two-year period. And then I would push it to the side and say, you know what? That's not really what
[00:06:40.490] - Candi Broeffle, Host
I just out of curiosity, what was the resistance to it?

[00:06:44.320] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Well, because I came from Holistic dentistry, that was like what I did for eight years straight was teaching bio-individuality looking from a mouth perspective. Dentistry is where I thought I was supposed to be.

[00:06:58.230] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Because you actually retrained as a dental assistant, too.
[00:07:01.750] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:07:02.030] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And then started working with this doctor.
[00:07:04.060] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Yeah. Exactly. So that is why I was like, no. But once I was reading into the integrated and also part of the reason was every house coaching program that I ever looked at was so far outside of what I already knew that I was like, I don't even see that as beneficial what I'm learning there. But when I came across the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, it really fell in line with everything I had already learned up till that point. So when I found them, I was like, all right.
This is where I want to go. I mean, we were studying over a hundred different dietary theories. Now, I had already studied many theories up till that point on my own. But to be able to get over 100 different theories was great because when I worked in the Holistic demo office by individualities, everything we ever talked about all the time. So I didn't want to go into a field where I was generally speaking,
[00:08:01.290] - Candi Broeffle, Host
[00:08:02.130] - Dori Tossen, Guest
You should eat this because I know that not everything is for everyone.
[00:08:07.420] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So you really wanted to take a look at how you could tailor it to each individual. Exactly what was something that you learned about in the program that you didn't know prior to going in? Was there a certain kind of modality that you hadn't been introduced to?
[00:08:21.900] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Well, the fun thing is each week, as we learned about different dietary theories and different things, what did you find yourself doing trying different dietary theories. Right. So I had never been vegetarian or vegan, but trying out those different things, including different recipes and different experiences where I don't eat protein on a regular basis, which actually was really quite nice. And now I find myself making vegan food all the time. Not because I don't believe in eating meat, but because I think that's going to taste good, but also helpful for myself who can't have dairy.
So sometimes it just falls into that category. So I was able to actually in regards to recipes and different things, I definitely branch me out in regards to what we mean. Like I made a vegan cheddar cheese soup. We can better to you through last week, and it was so good.
[00:09:17.560] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So you'll have to share some of those recipes.
[00:09:21.600] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:09:22.610] - Candi Broeffle, Host
I see that you do have recipes on your website.
[00:09:25.740] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:09:26.750] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Do you also share them on your Facebook page or your social media?
[00:09:31.030] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Yeah. I sell at BalancedDoriAnn and is my Facebook or Twitter or Instagram really? They're all the same again at BalancedDoriAnn D-O-R-I-A-N-N
[00:09:44.140] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Oh, at BalancedDoriAnn. Yes. Okay.
[00:09:48.170] - Dori Tossen, Guest
So I will share that over to those pages, too, if people want to follow me there. Otherwise my website again, has all of my recipes as well. Now, some of them are password productive because I have an online program that people will come on and use. And then they get special recipes that are.
[00:10:09.280] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So they get access to more of the material that you have or more of the recipes, right. Information just for your health clients.
[00:10:19.760] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:10:20.400] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay. So what was one of the when you were going through your certification, what was something that you just really found helpful for your own family.
[00:10:33.380] - Dori Tossen, Guest
For my own family? So a good portion of my learning up to that point was from a nutritional standpoint. And this really integrated the mind and the body and the soul. So they brought in the whole body that they're saying that food alone isn't enough, that there's other parts of the world that has to change. They kind of give you the whole perspective. So that was nice because up to that point, I had one limited view and it opened up my view to so much more. And I actually made my family healthier because of it.
[00:11:12.090] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And we are going to talk more about that when we come back. When we come back, we're going to also delve in Bio-Resonance, which is a technology that Dori uses with her clients as well. So for listeners who want to learn more about about what you do, what you can visit BalancedDori.Com to read the online version of Natural Awakenings magazine, visit NaturalTwinCities.Com. You can find a podcast of this show on AM950Radio. Com on Apple and Google Podcasts. And anywhere you get your podcast, you're listening to Green Tea Conversations on Am 950, The Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back.
[00:12:01.420] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the professionals. We share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle, and today we're talking with Dori Tossen health coach, holistic practitioner, and owner of Mind Body Soul. Thank you for being with us today, Dori.
[00:12:21.900] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Thanks for having me.
[00:12:23.540] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So just before the break, you were kind of telling us about your own personal journey and what brought you into the holistic health field and into health coaching. And one of the things that I find so interesting about what you do is that you use a technology called Bioresonance.
[00:12:42.300] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Correct bio-resonance is a great technology. It's a comprehensive, non-invasive technology where clients get the wear headphones.
[00:12:51.810] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It goes similar to what we're wearing today.
[00:12:53.970] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Yes, that's what we're paying today. And it will go through. And it scans 206 different body parts. And basically what it's doing is it's checking wavelengths. So there are certain frequencies in different parts of the body, and it's already pre-loaded into the technology, the device. So when it's basically setting this wave lengthen and just checking kind of like a sonar to see how things are going and it will bounce back and let the device known, we'll log in to see what's happening there. So once it finds that maybe there's an energy or an imbalance in the body, what it actually is able to do is give us some suggestions in regards to how to bring that part of the body back into homeostasis or basically back into balance.
So from that, I use that as our jumping-off point in regards to exactly what dietary theory we're going to use to get us to that point back to a healthy point in life. Basically.
[00:13:55.790] - Candi Broeffle, Host
I found it so interesting because when I had it done with you, the listeners are going to start thinking all I do is get services, because every time I interviewed somebody, I say, and when I had it done with you. But I do get a lot. But one of the things that I found so interesting was it pinged saying that I can't remember how you said it, but something was an issue with my gallbladder, which I had removed years ago. So and there were other things, too, that were, like, really accurate and really spot based on what has happened in my own health through the years.
[00:14:35.580] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:14:36.680] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So what kind of things do people learn about through bio resonance?
[00:14:41.750] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Well, we're going to learn a lot about what's happening in the body since it's looking at 206 different body parts, one of them know pretty much what's happening in there. So just an example of something super simple in a nerd that happened is I'm training for a half marathon. So I was not feeling that great on Sunday night after I ran 8 miles, and so I went on the scanner to kind of see maybe if I was coming down with a cold or something like that or what I could do to, you know, support my body and it looks at my knees and they're like, bruises they were swollen, which made sense to me because I just ran 8 miles.
And of course, my legs were really so tired from doing so. So it's able to see what's happening in the body and kind of give you an idea of what you needed to support with healing in those areas.
[00:15:36.120] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so was that causing you to feel not good elsewhere in your body as well?
[00:15:41.070] - Dori Tossen, Guest
No, I was getting a cold.
[00:15:43.760] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So I did tell you that.
[00:15:45.730] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Yes, it said that I was in line with that energetically speaking. Now it doesn't diagnose anything, but it definitely gives me an idea of what I should do to be able to support my body up my at my anti-inflammatory foods, give myself some extra antioxidants and support my body that way.
[00:16:04.520] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so you use Bio Residence with all of your clients, all of your health clients.
[00:16:10.250] - Dori Tossen, Guest
You know, originally when I first started, I didn't have the device. And the issue was when I was working with clients, we weren't always seeing the results that we wanted to see. And so I continued to think like, I need something that's going to help me get to the root cause. I want to help these individual people. And I want to know exactly what I should be doing with them. So when I came across by Residence technology, it had some great information that says it's accurate. It said all these amazing things.
And honestly, I was like, alright, I'll try. It was flowed into the practice, but I wasn't a believer in it because I hadn't ever worked with before. So I brought in a bunch of test clients. I didn't take a health history on them. I didn't want to know. I just wanted to see if it truly did what it does, says it does. So I brought people in. They're like, they look at the results. Maybe like that's exactly what my doctor said to me. It was validating that it was working.
And so from there, I began to trust it more. And what I would find is people would come in and have an area-specific thing. They wanted to work on, whether it was weight loss or X amount of food sensitivity testing or anything like that. And they would want just this little piece done. And then from there, they would want more. But I wouldn't have any more information because I'd only done that little piece. So for me, when I see clients, I want the 206. I want the whole picture because, without a doubt, the piece we didn't get is the peace we're going to want from what I've experienced.
So it was really important. The other thing I learned is about human nature, the psychology behind healing, and what holds people back from healing. And so that was really helpful too. And realizing that I really need to work with clients for at least six months, you know, intense basis where I'm seeing them every week, being able to guide them through the process because week one and two goes really great for most people. But week three. Oh, I really wanted that piece of chocolate. So I just had a little bit of chocolate, and then the slope starts or whatever it is that they had.
[00:18:29.290] - Candi Broeffle, Host
The slippery slope.
[00:18:30.410] - Dori Tossen, Guest
The slippery slope comes along six months is pretty much what it takes to get people from point A to point B and hold it steady enough for them to have changed their lifestyle, enough that they don't have to see me that much for the most part, depending on what they're experiencing.
[00:18:49.280] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so I know in the next section when we we're going to talk about the six-month program that you have that people can use to really get significant change before we go there, I want to ask a couple of more questions about Bioresonance. How long does a session last if somebody comes in to see you for the Bioresonance.
[00:19:12.460] - Dori Tossen, Guest
So my first initial appointment is an hour and a half appointment. We're going to be sitting down going through your health history. I'm going to get to know you as a person. We will do a full scan on your you. So a full scan takes about 15 to 20 minutes. And then after that, we're going to talk a little bit about what's happening. And then at the end. After you leave, you get a 56-page report.
[00:19:36.380] - Candi Broeffle, Host
That you can go home and read on your own leisure.
[00:19:39.440] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Yeah, that'll be emailed to you later, because even though I've seen you for an hour and a half, I want to sit down with the results and get everything put together. So it takes me about an hour or two.
[00:19:49.340] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And then you come back and have more conversations with your client after you really read the results. Okay. Excellent. So to learn more about Bio residents or to make an appointment with Dori, visit BalancedDori D-O-R-I.Com or call 763-639-9133. We're going to take a quick break. And when we come back, we're going to continue our conversation with Dori. And we're going to learn about the six-month program health coaching program that she is now offering to read Natural Awakenings magazine online. Visit NaturalTwinCities.Com. You can find a podcast to the show on AM950Radio.Com, on Apple, or Google Podcasts. And anywhere you get your podcast, you're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950. The Progressive Voice of Minnesota will be back in just a bit.
[00:21:01.370] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we meet the professionals straight from the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine who share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today in our studio, we are talking with Dori Tossen, a health coach, holistic practitioner, and owner of Mind Body Soul.
So we've been talking about the state of art technology that you use called Bio-Resonance. And before we move on from that. I just wanted to ask, what is the difference between bioresonance and biofeedback?
[00:21:34.340] - Dori Tossen, Guest
You know, they're based on the similar principle in quantum physics. But the difference is it looks at a little bit differently. So this is the way that the device that I work with is very precise, going right down to I would even say it's more along a body perspective versus an energy perspective. So it's looking more at the physical body. So it does get everything that's the part that it focuses on.
[00:22:03.180] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So it really looks at each of the organs and all of the different systems within our body and gives back information on all of that.
[00:22:11.800] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:22:12.690] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay. So you've recently launched a new six-month program, a health coaching program for people who want to create big change and support their wellbeing, tell us about the program.
[00:22:24.400] - Dori Tossen, Guest
So I'm very excited about the six-month program. This is something I have been fine-tuning for a while now and feel really confident that six months is the key to success for clients with the six-month program. When you come in, it's something that after our initial visit, we will determine whether or not a six-month program is really what's necessary for you. So that's something that we will discuss after that first appointment, seeing what's happening in the body and get an idea of where we need to go and what your
[00:22:56.670] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Personal goals are
[00:22:57.720] - Dori Tossen, Guest
and personal goals are, of course.
[00:22:59.740] - Dori Tossen, Guest
So this is really your journey, and I'm just along for the ride and helping you get there. It's a very intensive program for the first twelve weeks, which means you're going to be seeing me every week for twelve weeks. It won't be an hour and a half every week, but it's going to be at least an hour every week where we're going to rescan. Every week, we're going to see the results. And the best part about also, the bio-resonance technology is we can get comparisons.
So we're going to see where we're improving in how much we're improving in a percentage. So it helps because a lot of people maybe don't feel it right away. But we can see it that there's things changing in the body in a positive direction.
[00:23:42.680] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And that really helps keep us motivated, too. Right. The more we see success, the more we want to continue to do it.
[00:23:49.940] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Right. And the longer that we've been not feeling well, the longer it takes for us to start to feel better. So even though we are starting to feel better right away and our body starting to make a change, it's going to take a while for us to physically see it or be able to be like, oh, I feel so much better depending on the situation, if it's a more chronic state. So that's where we're talking about there. So I want to see people in every week for the first four weeks.
And after that, if we've maintained or gotten a lot better, then we determine from there how often I need to see you. But typically it's one week or two weeks. Two weeks is the greatest that I would go for the first three months.
[00:24:35.510] - Candi Broeffle, Host
[00:24:36.430] - Dori Tossen, Guest
We're not just looking at the body, though. We're going to be changing our diet. So we're going to be on one of those hundred theories that I learned depending on what your body is needing at that time. And we're going to be looking at things from a mindset perspective as well because we aren't in and dated every day with different things that are being advertised to us that aren't good for us. And so it's the mindset realizing changing things out, like, one of my favorite things that I say to clients and they find to be very profound is that we've been programmed to think that a Candy bar is a treat to our body.
But when our body just did something really nice for us and we eat a candy bar, it's kind of like punching it in the face like you did this amazing thing for me. But here's a Candy bar that's just going to make you feel awful. But if you were to eat a salad or something like that, that would support your body on a cellular level, then your body be like, oh, thank you. So it's reforming your thought that your body actually sees a salad as a treat and not a candy bar.
[00:25:46.600] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So that is quite the mindset is to admit, Dori that's a lot.
[00:25:54.880] - Dori Tossen, Guest
But if you realize that a treat isn't really actually a treat when you're eating at your body from a cellular standpoint and what a treat truly is, if you're trying to think your body for what it's done, it's completely different.
[00:26:11.760] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yeah. And that really does make sense. I mean, I can see why we think it is a profound kind of way of looking at it.
[00:26:17.990] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:26:18.360] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And it is a big mindset to it is what for people who want to start the program. Who is this design for? Is it designed for people who just want to lose weight?
[00:26:29.450] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Certainly, that is someone that can. But the people I work with the most have been chronically ill for a long time. They've been to the doctor over in Oregon in award to what I experienced. They say oftentimes, health coaches go into working with clients that are very similar to what they've experienced. I would agree with that. So the things that I've experienced either thyroid issues, eczema, food, allergies hormone issues, all those things that I've had the opportunity to experience is what I work with autoimmune diseases since I have a few of those that have had come along to yourself.
[00:27:08.580] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So Besides coming in and seeing you and getting the bio residence every week and really kind of working with the mindset, what are some other things that are provided with the six-month program with part of the recipes that are open for.
[00:27:25.800] - Dori Tossen, Guest
My online program is all of the recipes and different things. Now, depending on what people need, they may get their very own recipes that I will send them specifically that will meet their dietary needs.
[00:27:41.920] - Candi Broeffle, Host

[00:27:43.270] - Dori Tossen, Gues
Because, you know, I mean, I generally put a healthy recipe together, but if you can't have a certain food that happens, like eggs, for instance, that is considered generally healthy. But you're buying struggles with eggs right now, then why would any of my egg recipes mean anything to you can use them? So then I would be giving you an alternative recipes for those situations.
[00:28:11.540] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So one of the things I've heard you say a couple of times in particular, things with this is you said your body can't handle eggs right now. Does that mean is if this comes up as an issue for me that I can never eat eggs again?

[00:28:25.970] - Dori Tossen, Guest
No, not necessarily. Depending now, there's a difference between a sensitivity and an IGE reaction. So I'm not talking about
[00:28:33.741] - Candi Broeffle, Host
What's an IGE
[00:28:33.750] - Dori Tossen, Guest
an an Ige so that's like your anaphylaxis.
[00:28:37.790] - Candi Broeffle, Host
[00:28:39.220] - Dori Tossen, Guest
I'm not saying, you know, you just can't eat peanut right now. Now, there's some research going into that where they're trying to to work on getting people to be able or IGE. But we're working on sensitivity. It's something that's just right now weakening for the body, meaning it's causing more harm than good at this point. Often times it has to do with gut issues. So once we're able to get you on a diet where your body can heal itself, then there's a chance that we can add that back in when we're done and your body would be able to handle it.
Okay. So it just depends on what's happening in the body at any given time. Something I hate to say it, but oftentimes, people originally, when they come to see me have problems with chocolate.
[00:29:25.560] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And didn't even know it.
[00:29:27.430] - Dori Tossen, Guest
They didn't even know it. I mean, I've had clients come into my office and see, I cannot use stevia. It gives me a headache because I eat stevia chocolates, and I get a headache. Go through the machine. It's not the stevia. Actually, your body really likes the stevia, but your body doesn't like is the chocolate.
And I was doing free skins at my chiropractor's office, and someone came through and I just said, oh, it looks like you're sensitive chocolate right now. She went off and did her own thing, came back two weeks later, I was there. She came back in the office. Skin looked amazing. And I was like, you look great. And she's like, yeah. I quit eating chocolate.
And it was that big of a difference for her. And you know, who would have thought that just two weeks of not eating chocolate would have cleared up all of that acne in her face.
[00:30:17.880] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yes, because no one would have. And again, this goes back to we get so used to feeling a certain way that we don't even realize we don't feel good, right? We just get used to kind of feeling and not even know that we could be feeling better. So with this program. You had told me that you had taken this through almost like a beta testing, and so tell us a little bit about that process.
[00:30:46.060] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Well, the beta testing is I was bringing in. I think I brought in 50 people understand them so that I could see what's happening and see how they responded. So I have never had knock on wood. A client come in and not have a positive experience from using the technology. They said it works. I'm not them. I don't know what their life was like. And so for them to say, this is my life right here. This is what it's telling me and then have them make even the slightest change and have a huge difference.
So when we're talking, which is why I want to really work with people who have been struggling a long time because what we can do in six months could change your life.
[00:31:39.930] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Did you find that with some of the people who you did the beta testing with?
[00:31:44.290] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Absolutely. I mean, you can take people from being chronically able to feeling great. Like, I mean, they don't feel the autoimmune. What would you call them? Symptoms anymore? They're not testing for autoimmune symptoms anymore or that autoimmune processes are happening in the body. So I think that that's a positive sign and they're happy and they've lost weight. They're sleeping better. They're happier. They're actually able to move into their life and do the things that they want to do where before it was struggle for them to even get out of that.
In the morning, they were drinking five or six cups of coffee a day just to make it through the day. And now they don't need coffee at all. They feel alive.
[00:32:29.650] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay, now you're just being crazy. If you say you don't need coffee, chocolate, I might be able to get with you with but coffee. Come on.
[00:32:37.690] - Dori Tossen, Guest
I don't drink coffee. I don't drink coffee. I don't drink any case.
[00:32:41.210] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So what did you learn about your program with the beta testing with? There are things that you were able to change or improve.
[00:32:48.520] - Dori Tossen, Guest
What I learned is that it's really hard unless someone is extremely motivated to make a change in their life, particularly like this. In my case, it was not being able to have kids. I mean, I never went back. You know what I mean? I wanted to have kids so bad. And the funny thing, I was working in the dental office, and I would always hear that people that I was going. So what do you have kids? Because everybody asked that question, right? It's a good question. And maybe even I find myself asking that question now myself.
But I would always say, it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when and how Candi always knew and have children. So it didn't ever make me upset or make me sad or anything like that. It just reaffirmed every time.
[00:33:32.180] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when and how and so you help people do that with their own changes that they're making. It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when and how exactly. So when we come back, we're going to continue our conversation with Dori and learn about some of the other classes and services that she offers at her clinic, including a special class that you can try for free. To learn more about Dori or to make an appointment, go to BalancedDori D-O-R-I.Com or call 763-639-9133 to read the online edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine, visit NaturalTwincities.Com. You can find a podcast of this show on AM950Radio.Com on Apple or Google Podcast. You're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950, and we will be right back.
[00:34:30.030] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle, and today we're talking about Dori Tossen, health coach, holistic practitioner, and owner of Mind Body Soul.
So prior to going into the break now, we were talking about the six-month program that you have and you have other services that you offer many other services, including and we're not going to get enough time to talk about all of them today. But you also do some sound therapy. And what are some of the other things that you do?
[00:35:10.800] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Emotional Freedom technique we have I have an infrared sauna and infrared maths at different things that we bring in energetically to help bring the energy back into homeostasis or in tough balance.
[00:35:26.690] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so it really is there to really help people along with their help drive. Yes. Okay.
One of the things that I thought was so cool that you do and I just want to learn more about this is that you could have I could host what's called a Healthy Living party.
[00:35:46.210] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:35:46.720] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Tell me about a Healthy Living Party.
[00:35:48.790] - Dori Tossen, Guest
So a Healthy Living party is based on the idea that we all want to get together with our friends. And there's a lot of I guess you often hear about and maybe it's kind of a thing pass a little bit with, like, MLMs when you go into houses and you have these with parties with these different themes.
[00:36:05.790] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It's Tupper Ware.
[00:36:07.250] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:36:07.970] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Watkins watching old days.
[00:36:09.630] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Yes. So now most of those things are being done online. But in this case, the helping living parting would be great because I could bring out the bio residence technology. You could get a group of friends together. I wouldn't maybe be doing full cans and everybody because I would take an entire day. But, you know, you'd be able to get a taste of everything and do some health therapies or learn about different modalities in regards to that. So it's a lot of fun because it looks at parties a little bit differently.
But I look at life a little bit differently now than I did before when I drink five Dr peppers a day. So there's a progression. So it's an opportunity for you to get together with your friends and do something good for yourself.
[00:36:55.380] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Good for yourself. It gives you an opportunity to learn about different things. I mean, I look at this as like it's kind of like a book club that you could do, like a healthy living party club.
[00:37:07.560] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Right, where you're basically getting your friends together and decided that you know what? Together, we want to get healthy. And I come in and I teach classes and I teach you about different modalities. This is not an MLM in any way. I'm not associating with anything. This is just simply me coming in, helping your group find the right stuff for each of you. And you guys basically share the cost. So that's how it works.
[00:37:32.060] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And it's really interesting. I mean, you have some really quite five ways to distress without going to the spa. That's one of the party ideas is the sun really bad for you, how to help your child distress and work through deregulated behaviors. So if you have a group of parents who want to get together and kind of take a look at what you can do for your children. I love these 110 ridiculously easy, healthy snacks for on the goal.
[00:38:03.760] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:38:04.770] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And then sugar addiction and how to start your recovery. I mean, all of these are just really interesting topics that I think would be fun to do in your home with your friends. But also again, for all of us who just love to learn and love to get more information to be able to do that.
[00:38:21.660] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Yeah. To all great topics, particularly the deregulated children. I have a son with a sense we're processing disorder. So when he gets deregulated, it's been a challenge.
[00:38:32.060] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So tell us, what does it mean to be deregulated?
[00:38:36.190] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Typically, it means they're having some sort of emotional breakdown. So an example would be you told them they couldn't have what they want and it broke them down or some kids. My son is a noise noise bothers him. So if it gets super loud, then he gets super loud and he struggles with being able to regulate himself. So it's being able to get to know your child better understand what's happening in those moments.
[00:39:06.770] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Maybe they're not just acting up. Yeah.
[00:39:09.660] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Not all. My other son has basically an autoimmune incise called mass activation disorder. So what we've found with him, we learned about the autoimmune disease that he has is that when he is raging typically means that his math cells are overproducing in his body and his body is actually being attacked in that moment. So that's why he's having that fight out is not letting you touch him. He's not letting you do those things. So what that tells us is get the antihistamines in right away because his body is being attacked.
And so once we can bring down the histamine levels in the body and he Combs and he's okay. So it's a process of learning. Why is this happening? Because it's not just the melting down. There's something else happening physiologically in their body at that time.
[00:39:58.880] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And it's so interesting because they found that so much with kids, even things like being allergic to oranges and not correlating that the Orange juice you're giving your child every day is causing them to have these emotional issues that could so easily be treated. Now you're going to be talking about things like this on a new radio show that you have coming up.
[00:40:23.420] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Yes. My friend and I are starting a new radio show. It will start airing on May 5, FREEDOMIZER Radio. And it is
[00:40:35.700] - Candi Broeffle, Host
[00:40:35.700] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Freedomizer. It's an Internet radio station, so it's different than this one. And it's called Connected Revelation.
[00:40:44.030] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And people can just go to Freedomizer.
[00:40:47.260] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Yeah, freedom is Freedom Radio. I can't say it freedomizerradio.Com and they can go on
[00:40:55.960] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Freedomizerradio.Com And they'll find the show. And the show is called Connected Revelations. So you also have a special for our listeners, something that they can try out, which is Master class. That's happening on May 12 at noon at noon o'clock. It's going to say at noon for 1 hour. It's a webinar and it's called?
[00:41:19.060] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Well, it's called Five Ways antioxidants make you look younger, heal disease and revitalize your body.
[00:41:26.770] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay. And people can learn about that they can sign up for it. Is registration open now?
[00:41:34.450] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Registration is open now, and so you can visit my website and you can sign up right through the website. Or if you can find my site, I have to sign up for my newsletter and then I can send you an email to connect you to it.
[00:41:49.250] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay. And they can sign up for your newsletter. Also, write on your right in your website again is
[00:41:54.820] - Dori Tossen, Guest
www.BalancedDori Dori. Com.

[00:41:59.890] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay. And if someone wanted to make an appointment with you, what is the number that they could call? 
[00:42:06.370] - Dori Tossen, Guest
[00:42:10.530] - Candi Broeffle, Host
We will also have information on how you can register for the master class by visiting AM950 Radio.Com and looking under green tea conversations. So where we have the podcast of the show will also have information that will lead people right to your website that they can do it that way. Well, we're so glad that you could be with us today. Dori thank you for sharing your expertise and for offering the online class for free. That's it's really exciting and very generous of you.
[00:42:38.950] - Dori Tossen, Guest
Thank you so much.
[00:42:40.090] - Candi Broeffle, Host
If you would like to register for the class or to make an appointment with Dori once again, you can call 763-639-9133
 and thank you for joining us today as we awaken the Natural Health you've been listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950 The Progressive Voice of Minnesota You can find the online edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine by visiting NaturalTwincities.Com and I'm wishing for you a lovely day!