Simon Lee Maryan
Tip Cullen - Royal Marine turned Actor
November 23, 2021
In this episode Tip talks about his experiences in the Royal Marines, shining into the civilian world and training to be a professional actor. What is really interesting is the parallels he draws in comparing the military world and the world of acting. A fascinating conversation that is jam packed full of his deep experience.
In this episode I chat with 53-year-old Tip Cullen, a former Royal Marine turned Actor. He had a long and extensive career as a Royal Marine for the most part employed as a Mountain Leader, on operations in forward reconnaissance and in training as a Mountain and Cold Weather Warfare instructor. He served nearly 30 years when he transferred to the Royal Marines Reserve which allowed him to train as an actor with The Actors Wheel Company at Plymouth Marjon University, achieving a BA Hons degree in acting. The Royal British Legion provided Tip with his first acting ‘break’ when he took part in the charity’s recovery through the arts production ‘Boots at the Door’ in December 2015 at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth. Whilst at University he was able undertake extras work in various Hollywood films including Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” and “Kingsman 2”, gaining experience and furthering his education. Since graduating he has been kept busy touring with Bravo 22 Company and “Unspoken”,  as well as performing with The Soldiers Arts Academy and Shakespeare’s Globe production “Shakespeare and Remembrance”. This led to performing with SAA in ‘Soldier On’ during a small national Tour followed by performing at Toronto, Canada as an understudy. He remains fully committed to supporting access to the arts for our veteran community.

Represented by: Julie Fox Associates
Theatre credits:
Les Grotesques – Brighton Festival/Camden Festival TBC – Pilgrim Park Productions 2021
Soldier On – National/International Tour – Soldiers Arts Academy - 2019
Shakespeare and Remembrance – Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare’s Globe – 11/11/2018
Unspoken – Edinburgh Fringe/National Tour – Bravo 22 Company - 2017/18
Berkoff’s The Trial – Marjon Uni/National Tour – The Actors Wheel - 2018
Blindsighted: A response to Oedipus – Marjon Uni/International Tour – The Actors Wheel – 2017
A Winters Tale – Marjon Uni/Regional Tour – The Actors Wheel - 2016
Boots at the Door - Plymouth Theatre Royal – Bravo 22 Company – 2015

All other credits including Film Credits can be found at Spotlight or Mandy.