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Healthcare Travel Couple Turned World Travelers & Entrepreneurs
April 13, 2021
Kim & Erran G are a dynamic travel couple who are healthcare travelers in the radiology world. Kim is a travel sonographer, and Erran is in Interventional Radiology. They have been traveling for over 8 years and share some of their experiences with us. They have a website full of great information for healthcare travelers, and have also built a 'Travelers School' which allows budding travelers online courses on how to travel in healthcare.

Kim & Erran are not just interested in traveling in the US, they want to explore the world. They had planned to do so until Covid interfered, and are planned to hit the international road in July 2021. They host a podcast - now called 'inRoute: The Power of Travel"" and will be continuing that podcast on their worldly travels.

They have also created a cool new invention to help travelers of all kinds! Listen in to hear about the idea and where you can find out more about it (hint: It's a backpack with a special feature)

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