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#184: The “Healthy Drug Dealer” That Grew a $170M Supplement Company & Helped Clients Worldwide Lose 3 MILLION Pounds Shares How YOU Can Play A Bigger Game… w/ Markus Kaulius
April 23, 2024
Growing up, Markus Kaulius’ family was so stressed financially, he felt too guilty to ask his mother for 25 cents to buy a hot dog at school. He lacked confidence, didn’t have a father figure in the picture, and was overall dealt a bad hand. Yet if you look at Markus today, you wouldn’t believe that was his backstory… Markus… - Is the founder of multiple 8 and 9 figure businesses — growing his supplement company from startup to $170M and helping his clients lose 3 million pounds - Has impacted the lives of over 10 million people, was a model, is a Guinness World Record holder, and has an online following of 300,000+ - Has an amazing relationship with his wife, Brooke, and two daughters And most importantly: He’s a good freaking dude. Markus’ energy is off the charts, and I can’t wait for you to not only hear his story, but to take some of the valuable lessons he shares in the episode with you on your journey! To learn more about Markus, visit