The Innovative Founder
#59: Using High-Level, One-On-One Coaching to Upgrade Your Teams, Free Up Your Time, And Develop the Fastest Business-Growth Strategy w/ Tom Sharp
July 25, 2023
Today’s Innovative Founder is Tom Sharp! For more information on Tom, visit: ● Website: ● LinkedIn: ● TikTok: ● YouTube: ● Twitter: If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to and follow the simple instructions!
Key Takeaways:

[11:09] – What life looks like as a “Permanent Traveler”
[15:57] – Tom’s journey of shifting his perspective in life and workflow
[25:57] – How you can work less and have more time for yourself
[34:53] – How can you discover who you are?
[38:52] – Tom's experience in being an expert in helping team members and entrepreneurs
[47:54] – Using the binary emails technique to solve problems 
[54:56] –  The proper way of leading and helping people
[57:44] – Tom's top three destinations


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