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#169: How You Can Leverage “Core Embodiment” To Access Deep Flow States, Heal From Trauma, & Uncover What You TRULY Want In Life w/ Ajaya Sommers
January 9, 2024
If you’ve been following my work for awhile, you might have heard me share what I believe to be my purpose in life: To create a more deeply connected world by catalyzing curiosity. When I first met Ajaya Sommers, I almost immediately knew that she has a similar purpose… yet comes from a completely different set of tools and approaches than I do. Ajaya is the founder of a unique somatic discovery process called, Core Embodiment®. For the last 28 years, she has studied how to connect deeply with your body's intelligence to awaken and align with the power of your human potential. My perception is that as a society, we often prioritize thinking with our head, and discount the power of listening to your heart and what your body is telling you. In this episode, you’ll learn how to tap into a whole different level of your body’s intelligence to find greater alignment with your purpose and natural gifts. To learn more about Ajaya, visit