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What Are You Really Hungry For?
November 22, 2023
Have ever stood in front of the fridge or pantry looking for something to eat, but are not really physically hungry, but want to eat anyway?? When you rummage through the pantry shelves, what are you looking for? What if what you are hungry for is not in there? Then what are you hungry for?? Peggy shares what she believes are three feelings people are hungry for: energy, connection, and excitement.
What are you hungry for? When you catch yourself looking in the fridge or pantry for something to satisfy a feeling, remember, “What you are looking for is often not in there.”

We are often hungry for a feeling. Instead of stuffing yourself with food that does not satisfy, name the feeling that you really want to feel. Look at your life and where you could change what you do to create the feeling you want. 

It starts with being aware of your thoughts and feelings and a decision to get out of the fridge and do something different to satisfy what you are really hungry for-- a sense of aliveness, energy, connection with others and doing activities that raise your level of adventure or excitement.

What are you really hungry for??

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