Living your best life with the Perfect Average Day
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Living your best life with the Perfect Average Day
March 25, 2021
In this episode we talk about an exercise that completely changes how you map out your life, day by day.
Have you heard about The Perfect Average Day exercise? About one year ago, it's been almost exactly one year. Last March, I went through this exercise called The Perfect Average Day, and this was something that totally changed everything. Because this exercise got me so much clarity for how my life is right now. 

What I did is I mapped out what my life would look like and the way that I did it one year later, I'm actually amazed how much of this perfect average day that I'm living. So in my perfect average day, this is how it went. 

I wake up in the morning and I'm not waking up by alarm clocks or any urgent matters. I just wake up really nice with the sunlight coming in through my window and outside. I'm looking at all this green. You can see the trees waving back and forth, and it's just a nice way to wake up. I have my puppy with me, Rari, and we're just cuddling in bed for like, 15 minutes. It feels really nice. The air is has that It's not where it's muggy, humid, but it's just humid enough to where it feels comfortable It feels like you're being hugged and everything just feels nice. And I'm feeling the gentle wind, all my body from the fan above, and it's a very peaceful and calm way to wake up. 

Then, after I wake up, I take Rari outside. We walk around, we walk around on the beach and she does her business after she does her business to go inside and make myself some coffee. Decaffeinated coffee because if I drink regular coffee, I'll stay up for weeks. So decaf coffee and then I get ready for my workout session. I have a gym trainer that comes over. We work out. We're doing. We're sparring a little bit, doing boxing. And then after the session is over, I go take a shower. 

I have a chef, prepare breakfast for me, and then after breakfast, I go and I start lounging out on the patio just overlooking the ocean. I pull out a book, I start reading the book, and I'm just like taking my time, and I'm learning things. My assistant, she calls me, and she lets me know what's going on for the rest of the day, how the business is working and It's all working pretty passively, and I don't really need to worry about it too much. I go back to reading my book and I'm just in learning mode. 

After I get through a couple chapters, a friend calls and she wants to come over and this friend, she is a budding fashion designer, and she's full of ideas and she's this visionary entrepreneur and she comes over because she wants to swap business ideas and she wants to mastermind a little bit. So I'm like, Yeah, that sounds awesome. She comes over and we're talking about her fashion business, and we're talking about different ideas on how to scale her business. 

And then after we talked, she leaves, and the rest of the day I am hanging out and I do actually work, and my work is a little different from how most people work. My work starts at nighttime. What I do is I leave my place and I go to my studio and my studio is packed with my creative director at my graphic artists, my sound engineers, my entire creative team. That way I can scale my creativity and we can create products we can create content. We can do all types of cool stuff. We're just testing out different things and it's really just like playing in a room full of Lagos where creative juices are flowing and and you just having fun, really, it isn't so. It doesn't feel like work. It is work, but it doesn't feel like work and that was my perfect average day. 

There was one part that actually took out. So in the very, very first part I have lunch and during lunch my wife comes over and we eat something healthy. We talked for a little bit and then she leaves and the reason why I took her out is because I kept looking at that and I was like, Why do I have a wife? She only comes over for lunch and we're just eating lunch and then she leaves and then she's nowhere in my life. The rest of the time I'm having my perfect average day and what I realized is one I like hanging out with entrepreneurs, that fashion designer friend that came over like I actually had fun hanging out with that person. I also like hanging out with really creative people, so when I go to my studio, I'm hanging out with creative people that we're all in the same vibe. We're all creating together, and I feel like I'm growing and I feel like I'm learning. 

And that's really what is part of my core identity and how I want to live my life. So whether I'm making profit or not, I don't think it really even matters. It's just having a fulfilling life that's making me happy and working with the fashion designer in my perfect average day, I realized that the entrepreneurs that I want to surround myself with and the people that I really want to serve, because I would be doing this for free like I was in my perfect average day and be really nice if you can get paid for it, of course. But these are your visionary entrepreneurs. They are creative, they're natural born entrepreneurs. They're six percenters, they're all over the place and they want to be all over the place, which is all good. But they are getting focused into the life through listening to this podcast, for example, or being in my program. Um, but these are my people. These are like who I want to hang out with. 

One of these people called me up at three o'clock in the morning and said, "Hey, Robin, I'm in Tulum. Can I come by?" I would say, "Hell yeah, because I want to hang out with you. You're awesome. This is a pleasant surprise". I would wake up and and be like, Yeah, I'm looking forward to this week of fun or however long you want to stay. So these are my people. What I originally thought last year in March is I didn't categorize it that much. I didn't vertical eyes down. What I did is I just thought entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs on my people, people who like to build things, and I just started off there. But what I realized is that there's a lot of different types of entrepreneurs, and it's not just every type of entrepreneurs. 

So what kind of entrepreneurs do I really want to hang out with and my entrepreneurs? These are your highly educated entrepreneurs who are creative and, you know, likely they work the corporate job and they've been burned by that corporate job, and they're looking for a way to go out. If they share a similar story to mine. If not if they've If they like their job, I I suppose. I suppose that's okay, but they want the freedom of having their own business, and they need to know whether they're making the right decision or not. That's where I feel like I can really help. I feel like I built a time machine when I'm going into the back into the past. And I'm doing these podcasts, for example, So anyone that was in the situation that I was in, where you are a natural born entrepreneur, you are creative. You have all these great ideas and you want to know exactly how to do it in a way where you're not burning yourself out, you're not losing money on wasted things, and you're actually compounding your growth because you're doing all the right things and everything is compounding on top of each other, which will let you grow so much more quickly. 

That's what I'm hoping I accomplished, because that's what I that's what I would have hoped would have been around for me when I was first getting started and the beauty of this perfect average day exercise. However, I did this one year ago and I look at my life now. 

I have passive income. I wake up and I look out into the jungle and I cuddled my dog Rari for 15 minutes. There's no alarm clocks. In fact, I don't even have a phone in my bedroom. I leave my phone charging in the living room, and it's a really nice way to wake up. I say what I'm grateful for, and then I go take Rari for a walk. We don't walk on the beach because beachfront property would be really expensive. Not at that level yet. But I'm close to the beach and we go to the beach every weekend. So for at least one day out of the week, we get to do that. And the rest of the time we walk around the beautiful jungle. I mean, it's really beautiful and amazing where I am now, and I don't cook for myself. I had a chef. My chef unfortunately moved to Peru. So now I'm just using an Uber eats type service close enough, I suppose. 

It's not having that real chef purpose, but the chef that I had, he got me onto eating Keto and showed me all the recipes that I need to know for me to be able to get into ketosis and maintain ketosis. And I'm able to replicate that through the Uber eats drivers, etc. and the people that I'm actually attracting to my Instagram, the people that send me messages, the people that send me DMs and get onto phone calls with me. 

These are your fashion designers. These are your creatives. They're, they're musicians. They're making music. Labels are making movies. They have media practices. Some have face tattoos. Some have, um, like just all types of people that I actually want to hang out with. These are like the type of people that I wanted to attract way back in March, and even though it took me a little time to get to attracting these people, like after I had that vision, everything just became solid. And now when you're looking back, I have a lot of those things in my perfect average day that I was really wishing for, and one of the best things that came out of it is I'm attracting these people who are meant to be in my life, attracting these creative, bright entrepreneurs who are definitely going to change the world. And I am. I feel their passion. Their passion affects me, and I'm sure that my passion affects them as well. And it's, I feel like it's gonna be amazing. 

Um, what we what we build and and what's going to happen in the future? I wanted to share the perfect average day. If you're more curious about the perfect average day, go check out my YouTube. I have, like, a one hour talk that goes into it a little bit deeper. And of course, if you want to work personally with me, please feel free to dm me on Instagram and we'll set up a call. Boom. Bam! I'm out. 

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