Pharma Launch Secrets
Medical Affairs and Pharma Launches: Strategies, Budgeting and Planning with Meg Heim of Heim Global Consulting
June 21, 2022
Meg discusses how COVID-19 was a transformational moment for the pharmaceutical industry, and how it has forced companies to re-examine, at multiple levels, the way they do business. Meg and Bozidar delve into innovation in the biotech industry, and how businesses will find new methods to connect and rely on solid partnerships by developing meaningful relationships that provide mutual value and advantages. Meg also talks about how innovation has influenced the activities of Medical Affairs and MSLs, and the evolving role of Medical Affairs in pharma launches.
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In this episode, Bozidar is joined by Meg Heim, President and Founder of Heim Global Consulting.

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“Pharma Launch Secrets” is a podcast by Evermed and hosted by CEO Bozidar Jovicevic. We host direct, actionable conversations with world-leading pharma launch experts and help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies to help you launch your product successfully.