The Power of an Email List
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
The Power of an Email List
February 28, 2022
In this episode, Sheldon reviews the power of an email list. An email list will: 1) Direct the conversation with the potential client 2) Reach people at their inbox 3) Allow people to get to know you 4) Send resources directly to your list 5) Have an intimate setting for conversation Sheldon then goes over "How" to get an email list. 1) Class Rosters 2)Contests 3)LIve Events 4) Landing pages 5) Utilizing social media Get more information on email marketing on SafetyConsultant.TV using code "SC101".
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[00:00:03] spk_0: this episode is powered by safety FM. Welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I'm your host, Sheldon Primus. This is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant and today we're going to go over the power of an email list. So I know you probably don't really think about an email list when you're thinking about safety consulting and something about safety and health. But honestly, it's truly helping you. It will help you run your business. That's the key. You wanna still have a business going and it's viable. So that's what the email list is going to do today. We're going to talk about the power of having an email list. Yes. Still, even in 2022, you need an email list. And even as consultants, you may need an email list. So we're going to go through that and we're going to let you know about the power of the email list. Mm hmm. So, first, let's talk a little bit about the list itself. Right? So, truly, when you're going to say that you're a business owner, you're going to need to have your consultancy, that's what we're going to call it. Your consultancy have a way to reach out to people who may be interested in hiring you. So, the importance of having an email list is that you now can you can have on your own terms, a way for you to reach out to this individual. So let's say you want to do a facebook group. Okay, you got your facebook group and in that facebook group, you can have people come in and you talk to them back and forth. But now you're dependent on when they could get online to see it. If they're going to be online, sometimes there's weeks that I do not even get onto facebook at all, that would be where your medium would be. And therefore you're only going to have those people see you on their time during um, an internet session. So once they get online, they're going to see that you well, depending they'll get online. But if they don't feel like dealing with facebook at that time, then where are you? Where's your communication with them? So you could do the same thing with all of your social media is linkedin Pinterest if you're using that. Um, even instagram you're then dealing with when people are ready to get online and what they actually see. Sometimes they may not see that on their screen. They may not see certain things on the computer. And then now you're dealing with, did they miss me or not? So that's going to just mess you up because you're going to be thinking you're getting out there and you're going to have your voice out? But generally it's an empty room. I mean literally you are in an empty room mm hmm. So to avoid the crickets, as you're going to be like talking to someone. The best thing that you're going to need to do is you're going to have to get out there and bring them to you through a list. So first let's talk about just the power of this list. And I'm going to give you five things that will show you how powerful an email list would be. And then I'm also going to give you five ways to get an email list. I have talked about this before on the podcast but I just wanted to update just because now we really are going to start seeing some more activity that will lead to building your business. Some of those activities is going to be regulatory things and some of it is just going to be workers or more mindful of safety and health things and they want their bosses to be mindful as well. And that might lead to a consultant call. So here is one of the first reasons to have an email list. You're going to have a direct conversation between you and the persons and persons who may be potentially someone that you're going to work for. The email list is going to be personal to an individual, but each individual represents a company. So as you're going to talk to people, one on one get to know them exchange information. And this talking could be virtually, it could be physically however you guys come in contact. But as you exchange information, just as you would your old business card when you, when you're using that you're looking for the email list. So now once you get the email, this is something someone is going to go too often and I venture to say daily because they're going to want to keep up with things that are happening in their business and now they're going to see messages from you, so it is a direct conversation and you really want to get to people who are influencers or decision makers, so your influencers and your decision makers, that's the emails that you want to get. So secondly, you're going to reach out to people in their inbox and not to feed. So the reason why you want to reach out to someone in an inbox and not to feed is because now if you're reaching them in the inbox, they are actively going to their email, whereas if you get them on a feed you're going to have to think about the time of day that you're going to post and in some cases the person's feed may not show up right away, I have that all the time. I mean as soon as I get online and sometimes it's on facebook, sometimes on instagram and I like something I reply to something and it's literally have been three days that have passed, so with three days passing and here I am trying to act relevant, but literally I did not see it from my phone, so imagine if you're going to use someone's posting in their feed or your own feed as a way for you to reach out to this person, you may not get them in the time that you need. So therefore you're going to reach someone directly right in there in mocks as they're opening it. And it's mostly a daily practice for people to go through their emails. So at that point that's an easier way and a better way to reach them for, for anything, giving them valuable resources, giving them whatever you need, not just sales, because that's, you don't want to abuse the privilege of getting someone's email. Next thing for getting the email is, you're going to allow people to get to know you, you know, you gotta be able to have a conversation with someone more than just a one time. So therefore the email is going to give you that opportunity to truly truly put your, your who you are out, Let people get to hear you, get your, get your, your voice in there. So that means for the email side as you're writing these email messages and you're actually going to be talking sometimes in first person or third, maybe not third, the third person is like if I wrote a live message and say Sheldon so glad that you are here on his email list and might not sound that authentic, but first person it is go ahead and reply to this email if you have any questions because it's coming directly to me and that way everyone knows that hey, Children is, it's not a list per se, even though I am sending out in a group format, but it's a way for someone to know that they could come to me, talk to me directly just by hitting reply. So the next thing that you're gonna do or the reason why the power of an email list, it's, you could give the people on that list direct resources that they need right now. So you can listen to the conversations that are happening or some trends in the industry or even some news that you just got and now you can go ahead and send it directly to that individual. So what you want to do then, as you're sending it to that individual, you're going to give them the news that they want. That means you're going to have to segment your list. So not everyone is going to be interested in oil and gas. Some people may be interested in permit required confined space. Some people may be regulated under OSHA, but then your international list for those, you, in the US, they may not be so keen on Yoshi because that's not the regulatory body. So that means you're gonna separate your list to your best of your degree, your best of your understanding as to people's interest. And then when you're sending them resources, the resources of something, they're interested in the last reason for having an email list and the power of an email list and truly it is like the power I want to just just let you know that I really feel like when you do have an email list and you use it properly, it helps keep you being relevant in people's minds and email by nature is an intimate setting for that individual. So therefore you're catching them a little bit off guard if you will because now as we're going through the email, they know that they could choose to respond right away. They could choose to respond later. You're getting directly to them, gone through their spam filters and everything else. So at that point they could open it knowing that this is someone they know and trust or at least know enough that they trust the email coming from them. So that's why it's important not to do the spamming or anything similar to that because you're truly gonna blow up that relationship, you know that you want to make sure that that person is going to respect the email that's being sent, so you're going to send resources, you're going to send information. I send some personal stuff. Actually I'm starting to send in if you are a traveler and you may know that I travel and that's what my wife and I do. I'm even adding in some stuff with our instagram feed. So instagram for my wife and I underscore dot beyond boundaries dot underscore and instagram. So you'll do the at symbol underscore dot beyond boundaries dot underscore. So the reason why we have to do that is because google not google excuse me on instagram does not like the dot before the name. So we had to do the underlying which is like the very underscoring the bottom and then beyond boundaries, which is our name, our tagline that we have and then that underscore, see now you can find me so now you can see the pictures that we post when we're traveling in our RV going from place to place, town to town. And that's something that I add in my, in my feed that I just started to in my email list because there's a lot of people that want to know what's going on. So not just business. So there you go. That's the wise, we went through five things right there as the power email list. One is direct conversation second as you reach people in their inbox and not to feed, which is going to be quicker response three, you allow people to get to know you or you could directly send resources for your list that interests them because you could segment your list as to the importance of an item or importance of a topic for this person and then lastly it is an intimate setting so you definitely want to respect that but it's also going to be where the person is going to get more in beer to you because they're going to see you often. So it'll feel like there's still part of your life even though you may not have seen them ever in public or in private. So now let's go into the how to get your email is right? You guys know you got to get the email is but you need to know the how. Alright. Yes. Thank you. Thank you very much. I will go over the howl right now for you. So number one, I'm going to give you five house to do it. Your actual teaching. Most consultants, you're also doing some classes while you're there, have an email, sign up sheet for your email list. Put it on, I don't know, put it in the front by your desk. So when people are asking questions, they could write it there, you can put in the back of the room. So as they come in or on your roster, when you're actually having people fill out their information, that's going to get their certificate sent to them, put an email line in there. The reason why you want that email line is now you're populating your list. So start there a second, you may have a product that you could give away. So if you're going to give away a product might as well do it in some format where you could get an email, someone is going to get an entry and then at the end of that entry time period where you're doing your giveaway period. Then now you've populated a list and whoever wins. Obviously they're going to get that giveaway could be time, it could be a product such as a e book. It could even be where you're going to send them Some resource that no one else has just by winning and being part of your your giveaway if you would, another way to get people on that list is going to be by doing events. So go ahead and hold your own events. I haven't done one in a while. I me too. It's only February in 2022 at the time of this recording but I'm probably going to try to get one in the spring and do one in the fall kind of spread out, you know, but I'll have to look at my schedule. But what will happen is once you set up your event you put the event on and in order for someone to register for the event to get their email. So when you get the email that's going to start the conversation there's many things you could do. You could do automated emails and everything else but at least you want the email to start the conversation and from there you work out the rest and then the other details. If you want to know more about that, then go to safety consultant dot tv and I do give you some more ideas on how to set up your emails and do auto responders and everything else. So just go to safety consultant tv Put in code SC 101 and look up the playlist for starting your business. And uh, then you'll be able to see email marketing on that playlist and just go ahead and go through the different types of ways that now after you get your email list, how can you maximize that list? So you can get that information at safety consultant that tv next is you could give out resources on a landing page. So on your email server, whatever server your system you use. Normally they have something called a landing page. You get set up and what that is is even if you don't have a domain and an email, excuse me, a domain and website. Using your email server, then you could put up a landing page. So you can now say you can get this free book over here and on your email client. They're going to take the person through the process of putting in their email to get the resources that you, you made for them. So that's using a landing page. That's what it's called to build your email list. Mm hmm. And the very last tip I'm going to give you guys on how to get an email and starting an email list. Ask for it, password on your social media. Just say on your linkedin or facebook something that you're using that. Hey, I am interested in keeping in touch with you. Please send me your email and I will send you resources that you could choose. Put your email on the post and you're gonna get some response. It may not be as big a response as you will if you're getting some of the other ways, but it's still a way to reach out and tell people, hey, I'm gonna offer some content specific to you. Send me an email with your industry that you're in and then I can start making sure that you get emails that you need. So that is one way of doing it. So How to get emails # one in your class rosters, number two doing a giveaway where there's a prize and during the period that you're offering this prize, you're collecting emails doing events. So it is sign up process for events. And then you're also getting some emails having a landing page from an email server system that you use. And on that landing page you could have someone that give you their email in exchange for direct resource. You're getting right there right then and you could go ahead and ask for it and linkedin and other social media is make an announcement on your page saying you want to connect with you, your list a little bit more and you might want to use the list but connect to your connections. If you're on linkedin or people who are in your group members in a more private setting. So you're gonna go ahead and say, please send me your email by replying to Sheldon at or whatever your name is. So that's the way to get your list for some of you who may not know if you're listening to me on be cast, be cast is where I am broadcasting the podcast. You could go to uh the show on the cast and with that, you could also get the free book that I have. So, yes, that is getting you on my list. I know that and I just told you that. So, you know that I know that that's what you're doing and I know that you know that's what I'm doing. So therefore, if you are going to go ahead and look me up on broadcast safety consultant with Sheldon Primus. And now with that information, you'll be able to go ahead and get a free book. You're on my list. See right up front, I'm telling you that you are on my list. And uh and I could keep in touch with you as well. So there you go. So you're gonna, if you want to reach it direct, then here I'll give you direct, U. R. L. Podcast with an S. Dot B cast dot f M forward slash safety consultant podcast with it as dot be cast that FM forward slash safety consultant. So when you do that, you're going to see my homepage for the podcast and you'll have an opportunity at that time to go ahead and be part of the podcast and you can join my, you subscribe to my list, you'll see there, you can subscribe right to it and you could also get yourself a new book Tada. We have completed what we were going to do. Hopefully you're able to get all the information that you need and I am very grateful for you guys being part of the 3rd year now of me broadcasting. So enjoy the rest of your week. Go ahead to a safety consultant dot tv right now And get the one month free with using the code SC 101 and you can get some more details about doing an email list and a few other

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