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207. Learn How Picking the Wrong BIKE SHOE can affect your CYCLING | STEWART JONES Idaho Foot & Ankle Surgeon
March 28, 2022
In this episode you will learn about: Did you know the ingrow nails are hereditary? Choosing the cheaper Bike Shoe can cause some serious feet issues? Stewart Jones - Idaho Foot and Ankle Surgeon shares tips on how to avoid having issues with your feet while on the bike and off.

Due to long hours studying with no exercise, I started cycling with a friend to get outside and fell in love with the sport.  After moving back to Idaho, I soon realized that I was only meant to cycle at sea level on the flats (being a bigger guy and all) Over the years I have done several multi-sport races but suffered severe injuries to my left leg after a motorcycle accident leaving cycling my only option. I have helped organize a charity ride for ALS (Tour d' Funk) after a close friend was diagnosed with it. I have been practicing foot and ankle surgery for over 22 years here in Boise Idaho.

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