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The 6 Levels to Generational Wealth Creation with A. Donahue Baker #266
September 5, 2021
Today’s guest, A. Donahue Baker, is Co-Founder & CEO of Money Avenue, LLC, a wealth-building platform with the mission to create a clear pathway for individuals to build generational wealth. Donahue is passionate about disrupting banking and the importance of building wealth safely. He is also a CPA & professor at Morehouse College and teaches classes on entrepreneurship and building wealth. Welcome to the show, Donahue! Show notes at
A. Donahue Baker is Co-Founder and CEO of Money Avenue, LLC, a fintech wealth building platform with a mission to bring wealth-building practices to the masses. The company aims to disrupt banking and give entrepreneurs and those aspiring to build wealth in real estate, access to capital in a new and innovative way. Money Avenue has a $10 million dollar angel syndicate fund that directly invests in startups and entrepreneurs looking to grow rapidly. The company operates in both the personal financing and B2B spaces, funding individuals and businesses alike with fast lending on real estate and businesses. Money Avenue is currently ranked as the 9th fastest growing fintech company in the country.

Donahue deeply believes in helping others accomplish their life goals just as he has done for himself in the world of music (as a Grammy-nominated music producer), real estate (currently has a personal real estate portfolio of over 500 units), and education (via public speaking he is constantly improving the financial literacy of others). He is active in many non-profit and social organizations such as Conscious Capitalism, a non-profit organization dedicated to enterprises and people who choose to follow a business strategy that benefits both human beings and the environment, and Social Venture Network, a network of socially responsible business leaders committed to creating a more just and sustainable world. Donahue is a lifetime member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and the NAACP, and he recently became an adjunct professor at Morehouse College in Atlanta, where he teaches classes on entrepreneurship and black wealth.

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