Setting a future vision that increases notoriety and gets more sales
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Setting a future vision that increases notoriety and gets more sales
September 4, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the relevance of outlining the future vision of your business.
In Tulum, Mexico, there is a group of real estate developers, they're known as Los Amigos, and they develop all these different types of hotel/residential type areas popping up all over Tulum. If you ever stay at one of their properties, then you may have come across some of their EV Vehicles that they advertise. So in terms of EV, in each of these properties, they have this kind of like a showcase for these helicopters and their EV helicopters that I guess eventually supposed to take you from the property to the beach or wherever you want to go. 

But the thing is these helicopters, they don't work, they're not operational, it's just like a showcase right? But the importance of just having that showcase there does wonders for Los Amigos. As I'm sitting there and I'm looking at this helicopter, I'm just thinking of all the different types of feelings that people get because now you know that the founder of this organization, he has this vision, it's not just you know, getting short term profits are doing this real estate project like he has this longer-term vision where he envisions this whole future world and this property just happens to be part of that future world. But now you're kind of sucked into this story just for this one little display thing that he's doing right, this little EV Helicopter that's not even functional, it's doing such a great job on outlining his vision. 

Not only that. What it also does, it gets people to rally around him, people want to join in that right? They see this vision, you're like oh my God, I want to be a part of that. So if you are a vendor or something like that, you want to do business with Los Amigos just because they have this grander vision and just being a part of that gets, you know, allows you to be able to say that you're part of that vision as well. So in terms of being out, you know, in terms of being able to outline this vision just with this one prop, how can we do that in our businesses? So how can we show people our future vision by showing them this like prop?

So this is one of the things that I'm actually thinking about now. I don't have an answer for you yet. Actually, you know what I just thought of it. I definitely do have an answer for you. This whole Youtube series that I'm doing right now on how to take a brand new SaaS company from nothing, from zero, from scratch all the way to a seven-figure evaluation in less than 180 days. Well this is a future vision that I'm outlining for people and I'm documenting my journey on Youtube and people can follow along and other people that might be interested in joining my accelerator program so they can be able to do the same things like this is something that they can get behind, right? They see me doing it, they see that I'm getting notoriety around it and it just, it's this is my prop, this is my EV helicopter that I'm showing. So for your startup, for your business, what is your EV helicopter? Let me know. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out. 

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