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{ep. 57} Additional revenue streams for authors with Becky Kopitzke
December 15, 2021
Sometimes it takes some time before we see significant royalties from book sales. In this episode, Alexa Bigwarfe interviews Becky Kopitzke about creating simple digital products that authors can sell easily on their website to generate additional revenue to supplement book royalties.

In this episode, we talk about:

(1) Writing isn't just for blogs and books. How will you sustain your work financially while you work toward the big book deal?
(2) There are many creative ways to serve and build your audience. Digital products is one of my favorites.
(3) What is a digital product
(4) How can you create one without recreating the wheel (repurposing your content!!)
(5) How do you sell it
(6) How does this benefit you AND your reader

Becky Kopitzke is the author of three books including Love Because, The Cranky Mom Fix, and The SuperMom Myth. She is also the co-founder of Ministry to Business, an organization dedicated to coaching Christian writers, speakers, podcasters and creators to sustain their ministries through God-honoring business practices. 

As a writer, dreamer, believer and family cheerleader, Becky is on a mission to encourage and equip women to be kind to themselves and others. She and her husband Chad live in northeast Wisconsin with their two daughters, Clara and Noelle, and a house full of pets. 

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