Customers Who Click
Data-Driven Ecommerce and Success on Amazon with James Gossling
November 29, 2022
In episode 139 of the Customers Who Click podcast, we’re sitting down with James Gossling, director of ecommerce at Sports Research. With almost 20 years of experience in the ecommerce space, James brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him. His approach? Using data to make all of his decisions. James’ shares practical examples of all the different areas where clean data makes all the difference. He’ll share his tips on how to make Amazon work, what the formula is, and how to use data from Amazon to launch successfully in other places. We also discuss why to leave customers on their preferred platform, and resist the temptation to try to pull them across to D2C. James is director of ecommerce at Sports Research, one of the largest Amazon stores - you can find him on Linkedin.
Key highlights:

0:46 - James’ introduction
04:17 - Business intelligence and making everyone a data analyst for better results 
06:20 - Using data to manage your brand’s first impressions 
11:27 - How to get customers clicking on Amazon 
14:00 - The formula for Amazon
16:46 - Brand tools on Amazon 
18:51 - How to approach getting on to new channels 
21:05 - The one thing that’s a no-brainer 
25:54- Subscribe and Save on Amazon
33:21 - Why to leave Amazon customers on Amazon 
40:11 - Using Amazon data to launch in other places 
45:04 - James’ ideal lunch guests 
46:54 - James’ recommended marketing tools 

If you’d like to connect with James, you can connect with him on Linkedin or email him on