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Trivelle Simpson's Entrepreneurial Journey and The Drive Group: Embracing Change and Challenging Conventions
April 17, 2024
In this episode of "Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast", host Phil Better interviews Trivelle Simpson from the Drive Group. Trivelle shares his journey in entrepreneurialism and discusses the evolution of the Drive Group from derivatives trading to real estate and venture investment. He delves into the mindset and pivotal moments that propelled him to success. The conversation is filled with insights on adaptability, self-discovery, and the drive to push beyond limits. Trivelle also recommends a must-read book for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you're seeking inspiration and practical wisdom for navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, this episode is a must-listen.
In this episode of "Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast," digital entrepreneur Trivelle Simpson discusses his journey in entrepreneurialism and ventures with the Drive Group. 

Listeners will learn about Trivelle's transition from derivatives trading to real estate and venture investment, as well as the key factors that motivated him to enter the field of digital entrepreneurship. Trivelle reveals the unexpected source of his initial inspiration to trade derivatives and shares his thought process behind the decision to move the Drive Group into real estate and venture capital.

Want to learn about Trivelle's vision for the future of the Drive Group and his insights into potential areas of investment? Stay tuned to discover the industries he believes hold immense potential for growth and why he thinks this is a good time to be a startup investor.

Tune in to hear about a significant moment in Trivelle's career that solidified his passion for entrepreneurship, as well as gain valuable tips for young entrepreneurs starting out. With Trivelle's personal story of overcoming financial challenges as inspiration, host Phil Better and Trivelle Simpson deliver a thought-provoking discussion that will motivate you to invest in yourself and your entrepreneurial goals.

Thanks for listening to this episode of "Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast." Remember, always invest in yourself!

Here are the links to stay in contact with Trivelle Simpson:

Instagram: @thedrivegroupinc
Facebook: @thedrivegroupinc
Here is a short bio about our Guest Trivelle Simpson:

With only the funds from his tax return in 2016, Trivelle
started The Drive Group and has since grown it into a
multi million dollar company. His history of working in
start up environments across varying industries helped
him to develop the skill of identifying smart risks, and
knowing when to step back and when to push forward.
After several years working for large organizations such
as Davis + Henderson, The Royal Bank of Canada,
Genworth, Manulife, and as the Chief Operating Officer for
Chelle Service Capital, Trivelle was inspired to start a
company that focused on trends and analysis to help
businesses achieve consistent cash flow.

The  Drive Group has grown from a business consultancy company, to
a venture capital and real estate development organization that prides itself on partnering
with innovative people and companies.

Beyond his business success, Trivelle is an acclaimed artist and speaker. His ability to
combine his knowledge of entrepreneurship, the political and economic landscape, and
social trends make him an ideal guest or speaker.


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