Retain: The Customer Retention Podcast
COO of Mailchimp: Get Closer to Your Customer and Market, Leveraging the Power of Emotions in Business & What 3 Words Customer Retention Revolves Around!
January 23, 2024
In this Retain: The Customer Retention Podcast episode, Lauren DeSouza speaks with Sandeep Dube, COO of Mailchimp. Together, they explore how customer retention can be a simple or far more complex task depending on the industry, and why a many-limbed customer research strategy is the key to understanding how to delight your customers.
In this episode of Retain: The Customer Retention Podcast, host Lauren DeSouza sits down with Sandeep Dube, the Chief Operating Officer at Intuit Mailchimp. Mailchimp is known the world over as a leading email marketing platform. Together, the duo discuss Sandeep’s role at Mailchimp and their emphasis on customer satisfaction, the use of account management teams and a customer advisory board to ensure customer value and feedback, and why Sandeep's favorite strategy for customer retention revolves around the words simple, considerate and rewarding. 

Sandeep is the COO at Mailchimp, an email marketing platform beloved by clients for their attentive approach to their clients. Customer satisfaction is a vocational concern for Sandeep and for many years he has worked to drive revenue through customer retention at the likes of Activision Blizzard, Delta Airlines, and HSBC, among others! 

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