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Improving Relationships Through Better Communication: Assumptions
February 7, 2024
Communication is something we use in every relationship we have, every single day. Communication includes not only the words we use but also, how we say it and our body language. When we use good communication skills such as active listening and asking clarifying questions, our relationships flourish. But if we don’t, we will find ourselves in the midst of some unpleasant times. This is the first in a series of four episodes, I will be discussing four different categories of communication barriers and what to do about them. Today's episode is about Assumptions. In a relationship or in communication, assumptions come out when a person thinks they already know without asking or figuring out the facts; already knowing what the other person is thinking and feeling, how they will respond, or what they do without checking with them first. Assumptions include mind reading and jumping to conclusions.
Watch and listen for how assumptions are barriers to communication and what you can do to improve your communication skills and better your relationships in the process!

Part 2 in the series will be on Avoidance and Distractions.

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