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213. Meet the NEW FLOYDS of LEADVILLE RACING PRO Gravel Team | Will Geoghegan
April 11, 2022
In this episode, you will learn about: What it's like to put together a competitive Gravel Team, of individual PRO Cyclists, under title sponsor Floyd Landis - Floyds of Leadville CBD.
Their mission is to 'Shred the Stigma' around mental health, and the new Floyd's squad is committed to sharing that goal.

The objective of Floyd's of Leadville Racing 
is to race our bikes as hard as possible 
while delivering value to our sponsors.

 Olympian Tinker Juarez
 Former Pro Genevieve Jeanson
 Endurance Specialist Taylor Lindeen
 The Sponsors
Floyds Of Leadville CBD
REEDS Ginger Ale
Go4Graham Foundation
Infinite Nutrition


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