The Healing Experiment
Ep 12: Planting Soul Seeds for Divine Manifestation with Heidi Totten
July 13, 2021
Learn how to discover, plant and nurture your soul seeds to align with the energy of creation and Divine manifestation through this inspiring conversation with Spiritual Medium Sue Dumais and special guest Heidi Totten, Tech Strategist, Humanitarian and Life Coach. Heidi Totten has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 3 years plant and grow their soul seeds. She loves to see the lightbulb go off about what can be created when entrepreneurs understand how to use technical tools to grow their business. She runs Heidi Totten Consulting and is a founding partner with The Promise Institute. In her spare time, she is the Executive Director of 100 Humanitarians International, a grassroots non-profit that focuses on mentoring families in economic development in Kenya, Africa. She has taken over 200 people on 18 expeditions. Her happy place is hauling down roads in Kenya in dusty jeeps, but she is also known for her love of tacos, guacamole, and chocolate. Heidi just launched her new best selling book "My Maasai Name is Nemparnat: A Memoir of My First Three Years in Kenya". To learn more about Heidi visit and