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Be Memorable (Michael Roderick)
July 8, 2022
Michael Roderick recounts his professional journey from Broadway to business owner. His advice? Control your own journey and find a way to be memorable. He sprinkles in fun memories of his youth and the moments he realized he was making it.
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    Michael Roderick is the founder of Small Pond Enterprises, LLC,  a company that helps service-based professionals become thought leaders.

“So if you are able to tap into people's emotions, if you're able to make them feel something while they're listening to you, they will remember whatever it is that you talk about.”

– Michael Roderick

Michael Roderick began his career as a high school English teacher before producing Off Broadway and then on Broadway. This combination of experience in the arts and entrepreneurship led to Michael starting an arts incubator program to teach more artists about building and growing their own businesses.

     Michael took a short break to work as the V.P. of Operations and as a Director of Business Development for a tech startup in New York.

     Eventually, he decided to develop a workshop on networking, which grew into a full-time consulting practice that became Small Pond Enterprises.

     Most recently, he founded The Connecting Connectors Conference (ConnectorCon).

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Guest – Michael Roderick
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