Customers Who Click
Squeezing Data out of Forms with Chad Reid - Jotform
September 20, 2022
In episode 128 of the Customers Who Click podcast I spoke with Chad Reid, VP of Marketing at Jotform. We’re going to be exploring what the key to a good form is, how to optimise them, and some out of the box thinking ways to use them. Product reviews have become absolutely essential in modern business. And there, we see that products with reviews convert convert at a far higher rate. Collecting data is top of everyones agenda right now. Whether its capturing user feedback, generating leads, or zero party data, forms are being used by every ecommerce business. But the best businesses are constantly optimizing those forms, collecting more, better data. Chad is the VP of Marketing at Jotform, you can find him on Linkedin or head over to
Key highlights:

0:10 - Chad’s Introduction
03:12 - How does Chad keep customers clicking on forms?
05:52 - Subtext is key, customers must understand why they’re providing data
08:31 - Why clarity is important. Provide instructions to your users
10:59 - Over-asking is a huge mistake. Only ask for the data you need
14:10 - But length of form isn’t the key decider of conversion rate
17:14 - The flow & structure of the form matters. Group your questions.
20:19 - Video is also a great way to enhance forms
26:09 - The big mistakes brands make building forms
28:16 - What else can you use forms for? (Chad uses them for everything…)
34:30 - Tools that Chad recommends

If you’d like to hear more from Chad, you can find him on Linkedin or head over to