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26. South Africa is a pretty tough place: Learn How One Mans Passion for Cycling Lead him to Help Boys get off the Street in AFRICA and on the Bike
February 1, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: One Mans Passion for Cycling Lead him to Help Boys get off the Street in Sierra Leone, AFRICA, and on the Bike.
This episode was a little challenging to record. We had to work through 4 platforms before we were able to get an audio on WhatsApp.
So glad we kept trying. 
Richard's story is so powerful, creating a place for local African boys to build their lives around the BIKE and not on the streets in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It's not about the bike however, education and school play an equally important role.
You will love his enthusiasm and story.

YOUTUBE Interview:

Name: Flames Cycling Club

Country: Sierra Leone
City: Freetown

 A grass root Amateur Sport Team in Sierra Leone was founded by Tenesie Dixon, Gibrilla Vandy and Fallah Fayia on 11 November 2018. 
The main objective of Flames Cycling Club is to see how best we can use cycling as a sport to transform our society empower our youth and see how we can take them away from drugs, violence, thug life, and other unethical behavior in our society with just four riders and no executive members, during that same day the club was officially lunch in a race that took part in Makien were the club took a second, fifth, sixth and tenth position in the race. 

In 2019 the club expanded its membership to ten (10) new members that were later assigned with certain management position i.e. Treasure, Sectary and welfare member’s, in 2019 the club took part in one of the biggest cycling race in Sierra Leone which is organized by Sierra Leone Brewery Limited first edition of the Trenk Vitality Cycling Race were our club took part and took the Frist Position (1st) to marks club first victory by Tenesie Dixon.

Also later in the year, the club took part in a National Track Event where the club took the second position by Fallah Fayia. Flames Cycling Club is made of six elite riders, five junior riders, and one female rider, during the same year 2019 Flames Cycling Club one rider was selected for the National Team to represent Sierra Leone in the Tour of Guinea in 2019. 

In 2020 the club hand managing position to Richard Musa who has been Supporting the club all by himself with support from his bike shop( Mikes Bike Sisters Shop In Sierra Leone), during this same year the club get support from a various donor with cycling gears and equipment through the help of David Bosley who is in the UK acting as the team coach, we also later get support from Coach Joe Fried in the US with training peak T-shirt, sunglasses, water bottle, stickers, and the cycling training bible book. Our major challenges as of now are so much with in terms of equipment, funds, and Athlete welfare. 

Message to the Community:

We are using Cycling sport to see how best we can change the life of our youth in our various communities and we are keen to any support to see how best we can develop GrassRoot Cycling.

Social media links are:
Facebook : FlamesCyclingClub
Instagram @FlamesCyclingClub
It a special kind of opportunity to be on an interview with you and we hope that our story can be tell to the world through your medium thanks once again. 
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