How to track traffic from your startup marketing distribution channels
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How to track traffic from your startup marketing distribution channels
August 16, 2021
In this episode, we talk about how to start taking inventory of all the different places that you have a hyperlink.
Right. So when you're first starting to startup at some point you are going to have to start cleaning up all your business processes and start figuring out where all your traffic is coming from. And the reason why I say you would have to start doing it later is that if you try to implement these types of systems at the very early stages especially for a business that hasn't been validated, that business can fail pretty easily, and you spent all this time just working on a system that isn't even being used. 

So what we're doing right now is I am looking at all of our marketing distribution channels and where we have a hyperlink so I can start adding some UTM parameters. And if you don't know what the UTM. A parameter is, UTM stands for Urgent Tracking Module and I hope that's what that stands for. But what it is, it's a little piece of code that goes into your website link that will help different tracking systems figure out where your traffic is going and how they're behaving. So you can track your UTM Links using google analytics. I'm personally using an application called There's a bunch of other different apps that will help you do this. I think there's another one called as well. 

Now this whole thing, this whole world of like U. T. M. parameters and U. T. M tracking is really confusing. Um even to the most tech-savviest of people. So what I'll do is in the very next episode, I'll kind of go into our UTM Strategy and how we're actually doing this and implementing it. So it makes it a little bit easier on you. But the purpose of this podcast, it's actually started taking inventory of all the different places that you have a hyperlink, right? So when we think about hyperlinks, the reason why this exercise is so important is that it will start bringing a lot of hidden marketing distribution channels that you didn't even know existed. 

So in an earlier episode, I talked about the importance of email search engine optimization because people are searching for information in their email inboxes. And if you have a signature that is optimized to show up in these searches, then you know, you will do much better than your competition. That's not doing email search engine optimization. Well, taking the same idea basically anywhere where you put a hyperlink, this is an opportunity for you to market something for you to offer a call to action. Right?

 So some of the most unusual places actually end up becoming marketing distribution channels that you might not have even thought of. So for example, we already talked about your email signature. Your email signature is definitely a marketing distribution channel, but there are so many others. Right? So what your job is, is to think about all the different places where you have all your hyperlinks. If you have a hyperlink in, you're not even just where you have hyperlinks but where you can put hyperlinks, right? So one example is you can actually put hyperlinks in your calendar appointments. So if you have a tool like Calendly or if you're using Maustrap to be able to book your appointments, well then you have hyperlinks within your calendar confirmations, right? So when someone goes into their calendar and they say hey I have this appointment. Well, you can put hyperlinks in there and that's a marketing distribution channel. 

So your first step is to think about all the different places where you can put out your hyperlinks because these are marketing distribution channels. So your social media profiles Linkedin DMs, Instagram DMs. If you're doing blog posts, if you're doing any kind of PR so other people are posting your links, um email signatures, calendar entries, anywhere where you can put a hyperlink is an opportunity to be able to offer a call to action. So this is a marketing distribution channel. 

Once you've done this step and you've listed out all the different places where you can put a hyperlink, then the next step is to be able to track those links with your UTM Parameters. And if you want to learn exactly how to do that, then tune in to the next episode. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam. I'm out.

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