Sexual Wellness with Mikayla Rickard
Authentic Wellness Podcast
Sexual Wellness with Mikayla Rickard
December 8, 2021
Listen as Mikayla, a future sexologist shares her views on the importance of self-love, a patient partner, and giving as much as you want to get in a relationship.
Intimate moments, namely sex, are a touchy subject. Either you don’t discuss it enough or you are made to feel like you discuss it too much. Is there a balance? 

Sex is a basic human need. With that need comes the responsibility to learn how to meet it in a responsible and loving manner. A lot of people weren’t taught how to do that. Many women weren’t taught about their anatomy or how to determine what brings them pleasure. As a matter of fact, they were made to feel ashamed of their desires and that shame turned inward became secrets. Personally, I wish I had been taught about sex in a more loving and nurturing way. Likewise, I wish I would have introduced my children to sex and the beauty of intimacy in a more open way. 

It seems like Mikayla gets it. It is her desire to become an intimate partner therapist and help people escape the stigma of bad sex. The first thing she suggests is that you make sure you work on your self-love. Without it, it may be next to impossible to make sure you are treated right in an intimate relationship. 

Communication is important in everyday life, but it is just as important in the bedroom. Can you imagine trying to get someone who speaks a different language to understand what you are saying? You would employ every skill you could think of to make it work. Helping your partner understand what you like is much easier, you just have to communicate it openly, honestly, and gently.