Profitable Passions
Getting the life you want with Jenessa MacKenzie
September 12, 2020
Jenessa helps women get the life they want by learning how to be yourself and creating a brand that shows the authentic you. She explains how she started and realized she fell in love with branding and helping women develop a brand. She got inspiration from one of her mentor, James Wedmore and his course "Called Business By Design", which started her journey as a branding and business coach. She's discovered many women have mindset blocks for starting, growing and building a business and brand online. Jenessa discusses how we all want to know that we are not alone. And part of the journey to entrepreneurship is trying to find our way and it's sometimes hard when we hear so much conflicting information, especially online. But as someone with an entrepreneurial spirit you were not made to stay in fear or stuck not moving forward. We really appreciate your help in making this podcast a #1 on iTunes. Please make sure you listen, subscribe, and review on to this podcast on iTunes, here's the link: