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#50: How to Begin Sales Conversations with Confidence and Ease
August 29, 2019
In this week's episode, Clive Maloney speaks with B2B sales expert Chad Sanderson about how to begin sales conversations that feel natural and authentic. Chad reveals a ValueSelling framework to confidently handle sales conversations that adds value to the customer and differentiates you from your competitors.

Understanding how to skillfully navigate conversations and move from a casual conversation to one that generates business is essential for any small business.

Failure to develop these skills leads to one of two outcomes:

  1. Show up and Throw up - This is an outright pitchfest. You're so concerned with getting the sale and winning the business that you forget to act anything remotely resembling a normal human being. It's an "all about me" approach and a race to the bottom as you try to detail every product benefit and feature you can think of and convince the person they can't live without it.
  2. Nice but Ineffectual - Also a race to the bottom, but this time an "all about you" approach that is ineffectual and weak. You are so concerned about not coming across as pushy or "salesy" that you never really get down to business. You patiently wait for the person to ask you about your product but for some reason, they don't. The person could massively benefit from what you do but instead, they walk away thinking, "Nice guy but I probably won't do business with him."

What you need to do is walk the line between those outcomes. Confidently engage with your prospect and lead the conversation into how you can be of service to them. It's not about sales. It's about being a solution provider.

To discuss this topic today I turn to B2B sales expert, Chad Sanderson. Key takeaways from the show include:

Show Notes and Links

During the episode, Chad discusses a framework for sales that is summed up in a simple graphic. To see that graphic, get the links mentioned on the show and leave a comment, visit our Show Notes Page at

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