Pinocchio VS The Soup Nazi
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
Pinocchio VS The Soup Nazi
March 22, 2021
In this episode we discuss the kinds of business owner a founder can be.
When a new founder gets into business, I think one of the things that we have to consider is what kind of business owner do we want to be? 

Do we want to be a Pinocchio, or do we want to be a Soup Nazi? And I'll describe the difference between the two. 

A Pinocchio. The way of Pinocchio runs their business is they are trying to please anyone and everyone, and they are a puppet. They might even lie to their customers trying to please them. A Pinocchio is just a puppet, and that's all they are. They don't stand firm on their own, wants and needs. They are just worried about making sure they have enough business so they can survive. 

The Soup Nazi, on the other hand, doesn't care if he has enough business. He is true to himself. He only deals with the people he wants to deal with. And if he doesn't like you, then no soup for you. He is the Soup Nazi. He is passionate about making soup, and he only wants to surround himself with people that he believes are worthy of being around. 

So you can be the Pinocchio and that route. If people take that route and they start becoming a puppet, that doesn't seem like a very happy ending or someone can choose to be the Soup Nazi and the Soup Nazi is probably likely going to have a much happier life, and they're not interested in having as much business as possible. They're not interested in the profitability of their soup. They are just interested in making soup and doing what they love and serving the people that they love and not serving the people that they don't love. 

So I think it's important to understand what kind of founder that a new founder wants to be. Do they want to just cater to any and every single type of customer? Or are they going to be true to themselves and actually build a company that's going to be right for them? What I would suggest is definitely don't be the Pinocchio be the Soup Nazi In this case, I think the word Nazi is a good thing. Boom. Bam. I'm out.

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