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22. Where to focus POWER vs HEART RATE vs CADENCE. That is the question.
January 22, 2021
In this episode you will learn: So many people are training on trainers this winter. What are the ideal tools for a beginner?
So many people are training on trainers this winter.  What are the ideal tools for a beginner to use?


Not everyone has all the fancy equipment to measure power/watts, or use a heart rate monitor or a bike computer with the cadence & speed bundle, or have a fancy pain cave set up.

In my 16wk Road Cycling Coaching courses, we focus a lot on perfecting Pedal Form, and cadence speed. In order to keep everyone on the same level, we required all to have 2 pieces of equipment: Heart Rate Monitor & a bike computer with cadence.
Regardless of what type of trainer they are sitting on, it's possible to teach everyone with Heart Rate Zones and Cadence speed.
This allows the coaches to teach the meaning of HRT Zones, while focusing on increasing the speed of the cadence and developing an efficient pedal stroke.

I have been coaching this winter course for the past 15yrs on location in studios on bikes with power. Like everything else, being able to move to an online platform, we've been able to reach and coaching more cycling enthusiasts Internationally.

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