The number one dating app is not what you think
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The number one dating app is not what you think
February 25, 2021
In this episode we talk about the number one dating app to meet attractive people that share your values.
Alright. Today I'm going to share the number one dating app where it's really easy to meet attractive people that share your values. And it's really easy because, on this dating app, you likely don't have that much competition versus APS like tinder and bumble. And OK, Cupid, those apps they suck. If you have those apps on your phone right now, just go ahead and delete them because they're probably making you more miserable than anything. I know that when I wanted to use the Tinder app, I was just blindly swiping right on everyone. 

And not only was that blindly swiping right on everyone, I wanted to actually hire like a virtual assistant to do all the swiping for me. And I actually interview one to do that never ended up hiring that person. But this was like my experience with Tinder it. It sucked. I didn't want to do it. I knew it was a numbers game, and I didn't want to just sit there and my thumb get tired. However, the dating app that I use is wickedly awesome, and I have a really good formula that surprisingly, I've shared my dating formula with a group of people in a Facebook group in a Facebook forum and it was applauded by a bunch of women and I was actually surprised. I wasn't even talking to women and my message where it's actually men in the room because I made it from a man's perspective and I made that clear. But it was applauded by women. 

So there you go. How about that? So this is my number one dating app. My number one dating app is Instagram. Instagram is so easy to go meet people, especially people that share with your values and your interest. So what I will do. So this is my formula and how I meet people and how I start interacting with them and how I engaged or get them to engage with me as well. So the first thing I did depending on where I am, I find out what hashtag So I need to look at where some of these people are. It could be a restaurant. It could be a street name. It could be some kind of monument. It doesn't matter, but people are tagging different locations around the city. 

If you know what the hot locations in the city are the hot locations in town, then those are good tags or good locations to go check out other tags just, you know, on Tulum, for example, to loom beaches a great tag to go look at. So I find these hashtags, and then I'll find people in those hashtags and I'll just go, um, people surfing. I guess I'll go through and take my voyeurism to the next level, and I'll just look at people. Look at people's friends, friends, friends and look, a people that I think I would buy with and people that I'd wanna hang out with. And then the next stages you shoot your shot, but the way you shoot your shot, you don't do it blatantly, and you're not doing it like overtly. You're doing it in a really low-key way that makes it really okay. Makes it really easy for the other person to either respond to you or not respond to you. But it's very low pressure. 

So what I do is I go through the person's page and I will, like bomb them. And when I say I like to bomb them, I'm liking around 7 to 10 pictures, and the reason why I'm doing this is because I am trying to get their attention. I'm not going to leave a comment, however. I'm not going to follow them because I'm not a fan. They just caught my eye. There is something about the pace that I liked and the 7 to 10 pictures I caught my eye or that eye vibe with, you know, maybe the reading, a book that I'm reading. I will go like those pictures and I'll just leave it at that. Then the ball is in their court. They're going to notice that some person just came up into the profile and gave them, like 7 to 10 likes, and they're going to see who this person is. 

So they're naturally going to be curious on who this person is because they want to know whether that hit of dopamine that they just got from all their likes, um, whether it's going to get even higher or just stay where it's at. So then they will go and look at your page, and if there's something that catches their eye on your page, they might like some of your pictures. And if they do. If they like one picture that doesn't really mean anything. But if they like at least three pictures, then that's a pretty nice signal that they're open to talk to you. And if they like at least three pictures, then what I'll do is I will go into their stories and I'll wait. I'll wait for them to post a story that I can actually relate to and that I could reply to so we can actually have a really natural and easy conversation based on something that they actually want to talk about, because they're the ones posting about it. And I'm starting a conversation on something they actually want to talk about. 

So this is how I meet people on my number one dating app, which is actually Instagram. Throw away those tenders, throw away those bumbles and all those other dating apps out there, and just used Instagram. That's where people are anyway. So I hope this helped and I will see you guys in the next episode. Hey, wait. Before you go, there's something that I want to share. So while I was doing that one episode, I kept on getting stuck because I was thinking something in my head and I didn't feel actually too comfortable to share it. And I felt like, you know what? Why don't I just come out and share it with you guys and just get it out there That way, I won't feel bad about it later, But the truth is okay. I kept on saying that I look for people with my values, and I do look for people with my values, but at the same time, I also do look for pretty people. And I didn't want to admit that during the first part of the episode. But I must admit that I like bad bitches. And that's actually one of the reasons why I'm not even married because bad bitches, they don't make very good wives. Um, so, that's what I do on my Instagram and I will see you guys in the next episode. 

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