Insights by Elizabeth Shewan, The Artist and Clairvoyant.
Taonga - A Warning
December 23, 2021
I woke in the middle of the night and was compelled to write this message. They ARE after your sOul.
They ARE after your sOul.

Changes are being forced upon us.  We need to set a new trajectory through healing our OWN hearts, connecting to God, the Creator, Source.  We cannot rely on this external world.

We are in some kind of 'End Game' in terms of some kind of Totalitarian take over.  

We need to take steps to do our part in this to help save the planet and our future children and generations from this insane, technological materialistic take over disaster.

They are seeking to make our bodies last, avatars, immortal, through the use of technology.

They are after our sOuls.  Become your Warrior.  

TAONGA - in Māori culture is a treasured thing, whether tangible or intangible.  An outstanding example.  Angel, a star.  One of a kind. Authority and soul.  This connection starts at home, not out there.

© Written, paintings, photos and read by Elizabeth Shewan, The Artist and Clairvoyant 2021.

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