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Combating BS with James "Lightning" Wilks: PYP 355
December 17, 2019
James Wilks is a producer, as well as narrator and chief instigator of The Game Changers, already the bestselling documentary of all time on iTunes. He got his nickname "Lightning" during his career as a mixed martial artist (which, as far as I can tell, means that he can kill me in at least a dozen ways using just a box of toothpicks and a birthday candle), the highlight of which was winning season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter in 2009. As good a fighter as he was, the sport had taken its toll on his body. He had enough cracked bones that his doctors told him that continuing to fight would probably lead to paralysis. Following his retirement from MMA in 2012, James spent several years learning how to rehabilitate himself. That's when he discovered that diet can play a significant role in healing and human performance.