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#146: Scale Your Business While Scaling Yourself Out of the Day-to-Day w/ Jhana Li
August 1, 2023
We’ve all heard that we need to “stop working IN your business, and start working ON it.” But HOW do you actually do that? Today’s guest is a dear friend of mine, Jhana Li. Jhana is (in my own words) an “Ops Ninja”. She’s the person you go to when you’re ready to drive consistent, compound growth, all while scaling yourself out of the weeds of your company. The world’s most successful companies all rest upon a foundation of scalable, water-tight operations… … and in this episode you’ll learn actually how you can do that. That + because Jhana and I are friends that love to nerd out all the time, you’ll also hear some fun stories — like what Jhana did to get called into the principal's office in kindergarten. (Hint: It may or may not have to do with hanging upside down on the monkey bars with a lack of clothing) This is a FANTASTIC episode if you’re looking to not only discover how to build a business with world class operations… but also if you want to have fun and build a business in alignment with WHO you are. ALSO… Exciting news: Jhana also recently partnered with another past guest on the show — Cameron Herold — on a new venture called The Ops Spot. If you happen to be in an ops role right now, you will for sure want to check this out! To learn more about Jhana, visit