Invest In Yourself: The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast
The 5 P's of Content Planning with YouTube Expert Feras
April 22, 2024
In this enlightening episode of Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast, join our host Phil Better as he welcomes the dynamic Feras, a seasoned entrepreneur turned digital strategy sage, to share transformative content strategies that are crucial for growth on YouTube and beyond. Feras divulges the secrets to establishing dominance in the market through free, high-value content, positioning it as a gold mine for future business ventures. Uncover why the 5 P's—"prior planning prevents poor performance"—and finding your niche are the bedrocks of starting a successful YouTube channel or podcast. Discover insights into Feras's own platform, "Startup with Feras," where he not only broadcasts weekly live streams but also extends a helping hand to fellow entrepreneurs via free chats. Be motivated by Phil's plan to tap into Feras’s expertise for his own ventures, and consider doing the same to amplify your business savvy. Dive into Feras’s pivot towards crafting YouTube content that caters to user searches and stands out amidst stiff competition, and why understanding the basics of video editing is imperative for digital creators. Additionally, get a sneak peek into the power of thumbnails and titles with the new AB testing feature on YouTube—a game-changer Feras and Phil agree could skyrocket your click-through rates, inspired by the meticulous methods used by sensation MrBeast. Feras opens up about his entrepreneurial journey, the decision to use YouTube as a platform for his expertise over authoring a book, and why evergreen content has become a pivotal part of his strategy. Join us on Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast to not only hear Feras reveal the essence of maintaining viewer engagement but also to learn about his tailored roadmap for early-stage founders to reach staggering heights. Tune in now to "The 5 P's of Content Planning with YouTube Expert Feras" and take the first step in scaling your digital presence and achieving your 2024 business goals alongside Feras — all on the cusp of hitting an inspiring 50,000 YouTube subscribers. Don't miss out on this masterclass episode that promises to be an investment in your success as a digital entrepreneur.
In this captivating episode, Feras shares the inside scoop on how to leverage free content into a powerhouse of business opportunities. Discover how planning, strategy, and clever content creation have propelled him to the forefront of the digital entrepreneurship scene.

Have you ever wondered how you can transition from a successful podcast to making an impact on YouTube? Or perhaps you're looking for the best strategies to implement for content growth that actually drives engagement and fosters a dedicated audience. Tune in as we dive into these questions, providing you with the insights and tools necessary to expand your digital footprint and more.

Prepare to be inspired as Feras recounts his journey from hobbyist YouTuber to thriving digital marketing guru, and the profound realization that shifted his approach to content creation. You won't want to miss this episode's highlight—as Feras shares an incredible moment of clarity that led to a significant shift in his content strategy. Remember, as Phil Better always says, the best investment you can make is to invest in yourself—keep tuning in, keep growing. We'll catch you on the next episode of Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast.
Learn about our Guest, Feras:
Hi, I’m Feras Alhlou, and I’m passionate about helping you succeed.

It was a layoff in 2003 that first led (or forced) me down the path of entrepreneurship.
I had to learn many new business skills, most of which were way out of my comfort zone.
I had to learn how to wear many hats and work hard even when the results weren’t immediate.

I had to learn how to draw lessons from setbacks and how to recognize when to adjust my entrepreneurial vision and pivot toward different opportunities.

Through this learning and hard work over many years, I became top earner within a franchise (and a coach for other franchisees), and I built and scaled businesses in Silicon Valley and abroad to 7 and 8 figures.

During this time, I authored many publications that earned high regard, including Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact. (Feedback on Amazon included: "This book really deserves 10 out of 5 ratings!"). I also had many opportunities to speak at industry conferences as well as several invitations to sit on boards of other organizations.

In 2019, I sold my web and marketing analytics consultancy — which had started as a small web design firm — to dentsu, a media company with global scale.

Many people helped me along the way, and my goal now is to give back through community involvement and an ongoing dedication to non-profits (which included an entire year of pro-bono management consulting).

I have also advised and mentored 150+ new businesses. Through Start Up With Feras, I'm continuing to offer aspiring entrepreneurs the expert guidance that they need to succeed.
Connect with Feras here:


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