How to use WhatsApp for marketing
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How to use WhatsApp for marketing
June 4, 2021
In this episode, we talk about a cutting-edge marketing technique that is very low-key and nonintrusive.
Hey, so today we are going to be covering a cutting-edge marketing technique that is sneaky, sneaky. This one is so good. And this one was actually inspired by my barber. This is something that my barber is doing. What my barber does is he will post all these WhatsApp stories of his clients getting their hair cut and most of the time I see stories from my barber like every single day and I'll see all these different stories and truth be told, I actually ignore them because they're just people getting their hair cut and I have no interest in that. 

So I don't really look at it much. I hope that he would post more personal stuff but he just posts, that's what he posts. And I asked him one day, I was like, Hey, you know, I always see you post stories and it's just always of your clients. But do you think people are really interested in that content? Like what if you actually posted some other personal stuff. And this is what he told me: He just broke down to me. He's like bro, look, posting this stuff, thinking about what kind of content to post is really difficult. All I'm trying to do is I'm trying to remind people that Hey, they might need a haircut, and a lot of times people forget and they don't realize that they need a haircut. 

So what happens is they see me pop up on their WhatsApp stories and without even looking at my stories, they reminded, they're like, oh, I need to get a haircut, and typically what people will do is they'll respond to his WhatsApp stories asking for a haircut. So genius! So now I'm taking that idea and what I've started to do is any prospective client that I have, anyone that I want to partner with if I want to stay salient in their minds, Top of mind right, then this is a great way to do it because they are getting into my WhatsApp. It's a very low-key way of adding people because it's not as intrusive as adding people on Instagram or even Facebook, WhatsApp is low-key. It's just like, hey, let me get your number and you're probably doing some kind of business or if you have some excuse to talk to them, you're getting this prospect's number and you plug it into the WhatsApp, you send them a short message and now what they're essentially doing is they've subscribed to your list and you have this broadcast channel to your WhatsApp clients and you can stay top of mind. 

And that's how we sell more things right? It's to get our product, our service, our offer in front of as many people as we can as frequently as we can in a nonintrusive way. And this is a technique that my barber has been using on WhatsApp that I think is absolutely genius and something that I started doing and now you can start doing it too. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom. Bam, I'm out. 

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