"You Haven’t Failed Unless You Failed to Learn" - Sean 'Tyler' Foley
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"You Haven’t Failed Unless You Failed to Learn" - Sean 'Tyler' Foley
January 1, 2023
Actor, Keynote Speaker, and Author of 'The Power to Speak Naked' Sean Tyler Foley shares candid insights to his very non-traditional career path and the failures he faced (and embraced) along the way.
Tyler Foley shares his story of how he went from being an actor at an early age to becoming a renowned public speaking expert and best-selling author.  His book, 'The Power to Speak Naked' helps you to break down your fear of public speaking and embrace stepping outside of your comfort zone!

He discusses the failures he faced along the way, including his insights from improving his training on how to effectively communicate and engage with an audience. He explains how he drew on his experience as an actor to help catapult him into becoming a keynote speaker and an executive speaking coach.

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