PublishHer Podcast
{ep. 88} Making Your Indie Book Stand out with Jen Craven
April 7, 2023
Jen Craven is a fiction writer. She writes contemporary women's fiction and is passionate about making sure her books stand out from the masses of other books. The conversation covers the broad spectrum of why it's important to get your books out there, while making sure you're creating a great product.
Choosing to self-publish your book means you have to do the work to make sure your book stands out! Jen Craven brings forward her best tips for helping authors stand out above the enormous sea of indie authors!

In this episode we discuss:

Jen Craven is the author of upmarket women's fiction, where one decision changes everything. The author of two historical fiction novels, "Best Years of your Life" is her debut contemporary work. She writes from northwestern Pennsylvania, where she lives with her family.

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