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336. UNBOUND XL 2023 - Race Report - A disappointing finish that should have happened | Sylvie D'Aoust
June 16, 2023
Hope you enjoy my Race Report, sharing my gear and the whole story of how it went down, to the point where I missed the time cutoff and didn't finish. After finishing 504km of the XL course, it was the hardest and most physically painful experience, ever. Have a listen.
Unbound XL Race report 2023

Completed 313miles / 504km.
 I was pulled from the race at the last checkpoint due to a time cut-off at Madison Saturday night 12:30am.
 I made it through without one mechanical, through the mud, rain, distance, and night with mental fortitude.
I will need to go back ;o)


Wonder Goods Bike Bags

Raleigh Handle Bar Bag from Canadian Tire

Vaude Back pack


 Solar Power Bank 36000mAh



Outbound Bike lights


 MASSAGER for my legs


MONTU Cargo Bike shorts

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